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LeBron James and Rick & Morty revealed as playable characters in MultiVersus

LeBron available on July 26

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 22, 2022 at 10:54 a.m. PDT • Comments: 44

Three new characters have been revealed for Warner Bros. and Player First Games' platform fighter, MultiVersus. LeBron James and Rick & Morty are joining the playable cast.

The announcement was made during the MultiVersus panel at San Diego Comic Con 2022. LeBron will be available on July 26.

LeBron will come in the form of his Space Jam: A New Legacy version, while Rick and Morty hail from their titular TV show.

The official MultiVersus Twitter account has released official artwork for all three characters. Those looking to play as LeBron will be able to do so as soon as July 26, while Rick & Morty will follow in Season 1.

According to a press release, Rick and Morty will be separate characters and are both joining the game in Season 1. Morty will be available when the season begins on August 9, while Rick is planned to be released at a later date.

Right now, select fans are having the opportunity to get their hands on MultiVersus' open beta test via early access. Those who participated in the last Alpha test or complete specific tasks can earn themselves an early access code to get a taste of the game a week before the beta officially begins.

With the news of LeBron's release date, we see that he will help ring in the start of the open beta for everyone as both are going live on July 26.

Naturally, LeBron can be seen posing in his official character artwork with a basketball and as you might expect, his move set will center around attacks relative to the sport. Rick will fight using his trademark portal gun, while Morty will put a focus on projectiles and counter moves.

Warner Bros. and Player First Games have released a character reveal trailer for LeBron as well.

Passing the ball, slam dunks, and dribbling are all tactics LeBron uses as attacks in MultiVersus. He is a Bruiser class character, and it looks like he generally wants to be in close to land his most effective maneuvers.

The trailer also provides a quick look at one of LeBron's alternate versions. From the looks of it, the NBA legend exchanges his jersey for a full on cowboy outfit complete with large hat and gun holster.

LeBron and Rick & Morty in MultiVersus image #1 LeBron and Rick & Morty in MultiVersus image #2 LeBron and Rick & Morty in MultiVersus image #3 LeBron and Rick & Morty in MultiVersus image #4 LeBron and Rick & Morty in MultiVersus image #5 LeBron and Rick & Morty in MultiVersus image #6
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Progress made in the MultiVersus open beta is permanent and will roll over to the official launch of the game.

Correction: We originally reported that Rick & Morty might be a duo character, but have clarified after confirmation that they are standalone fighters. We have also added information about how they'll play in-game.

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