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Here's all of the characters and content you can access for free when starting MultiVersus

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 19, 2022 at 3:45 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

As a free-to-play title, it was clear MultiVersus wasn't just going to give players access to everything upon just booting up the game, but it wasn't clear before just how much would need to be unlocked.

With the Early Access beta for the Warner Bros. platform fighter going live today, we're finally able to see which characters and content new users can play with instantly without spending any money.

Out of MultiVersus' 16 starting roster members, only 4 are available from the jump being Shaggy, Jake, Harley Quinn and Taz.

Players can quickly unlock Wonder Woman as well by simply completing the initial tutorials in a few minutes, but Batman, Superman, Garnet, Finn, Arya Stark, Iron Giant, Steven Universe, Reindog, Velma, Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry will need to be acquired through either in-game or premium currency, Gleamium.

Conversely, all characters can be unlocked instantly by purchasing the Founders Pack, which starts at $40 USD.

Each character's alternate costume is also locked behind needing to buy them or unlocking them through other means like the Battle Pass.

Luckily, however, all characters and costumes are available to use in MultiVersus' training mode, The Lab, so you can get a feel for every fighter before making a purchase if you so choose.

There are no modes or stages locked away for free players, meaning everyone has access to online versus, lobbies and local play although ranked mode is not available yet.

New players can pick from 8 profile icons, 2 ringout animations, 1 banner and only the default announcer.

Basically everything else in MultiVersus must be obtained by leveling up characters and the game's Battle Pass, which also has a free and premium version.

There's no mention of a free character rotation anywhere, so it appears (at least for now) that these 5 fighters mentioned above will be who everyone has access to from the beginning.

Since the game just launched into Early Access though, we'll be spending some time to see what the grind is like to unlock more characters and content through simply playing the game.

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