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Kid cried because Wawa lost during a Dragon Ball FighterZ event so Wawa goes full anime and promises to never lose again...

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 11, 2022 at 7:31 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

The Heat Wave 2022 (hosted by Bum1six3) was one of the big tournaments that occupied the attention of fighting game fans over this past weekend. One of the games that players competed at during the event was Dragon Ball FighterZ.

BMS|Wawa was one of the attendees that was competing at the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at the Heat Wave 2022. Considering Wawa's experience with Dragon Ball FighterZ, he was probably the favorite to win the whole thing, but it was clear that the crowd overall wanted a certain someone to topple him in bracket.

Though Wawa was having a good tournament run overall, he eventually found himself matched up against Zane. It was clear that most of the crowd was rooting for Zane to score an upset victory over Wawa.

Needless to say, things were looking bad when Zane was effectively able to secure a touch of death sequence over Wawa's Jiren in the third game of the set. Whoever won this last game would move on in the winners bracket while the loser would be banished to the losers bracket.

Inevitably, Wawa ended up losing to Zane. Although most of the crowd was happy that Zane emerged the victor, it seems that one fan of Wawa's wasn't too pleased with this outcome.

Despite the setback, this proved to only be the beginning of Wawa's tournament story. One of Wawa's fans, a kid, ended up crying as a result of Wawa's defeat at Zane's hands.

It seems that Wawa's heart just couldn't bear to see this kid cry a second time. Almost as if it were an anime, Wawa made a seemingly unrealistic promise to the young fan.

"I promise you that I'm winning this whole tournament," supposedly promised Wawa. "I will never lose again."

Needless to say, Wawa began to play his matches with new determination. Wawa made a promise and it really felt as though he was going to see it through, no matter what.

During Wawa's next match, we can even see Wawa receiving a hug from the young fan after winning. Indeed, this was the type of powerup that not even Goku could hope to achieve.

Wawa had ascended to a new form in the middle of the bracket.

Eventually, Wawa had a runback opportunity against Zane, the player that originally sent him to the losers bracket. This time, Wawa just couldn't be stopped.

Not only did Wawa win the set, but he ended up winning via a 3-0.

Though Wawa had some close calls in the grand finals, he was able to secure the bracket reset and then win the entire tournament against Kayne in the winners side.

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