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New discovery and release of Garou 2's assets 20 years after its cancelation is huge for fighting game history

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 9, 2022 at 4:41 p.m. PDT • Comments: 15

Garou: Mark of the Wolves 2 was an unfortunate victim of SNK's bankruptcy in 2001, which led many fans to believe the special fighting game sequel would remain as essentially lost media forever.

That is until 2021kduck stumbled across 2 old CDs containing assets for Garou 2 as a pretty massive discovery for fighting game history and preservation.

According to 2021kduck, these discs allegedly belonged to an SNK team developer 'K-san' who moved to Odaiba once SNK shifted to creating pachinko games although it's not stated how they came into possession of such an important item.

Since the discovery, they've been manually extracting the sprites and data and slowly releasing them online, revealing a bunch of interesting and previously unknown details about the canceled Fatal Fury sequel.

Tucked away in the files, 2021kduck apparently uncovered 10–20 new attack sprites for the original Garou cast, including a diagonal Rising Tackle for Terry Bogard, as well as many of the newcomers planned for the second release.

Unfortunately, some of the sprite work appears to be left unfinished, but fascinatingly, they did discover a sprite for Andy Bogard, suggesting he may have been planned to join the roster alongside the other 8 or so new fighters.

This technically isn't the first time pieces of Garou 2 have been revealed to the public, as SNK themselves released a sprite sheet for the cast back in 2016.

2021kduck's CDs will offer fans a much better look at what could have been, however, once they finish compiling all of the assets.

Considering Garou 2 was shelved when the game was around 70% complete, there is a chance that it could someday be made playable in some fashion, but 2021kduck hasn't really indicated such thus far.

SNK Producer Yasuyuki Oda has stated a few times in the past that he really wants to complete Garou 2 someday although whether they'd reuse the old assets or start from scratch is up in the air.

While the developers obviously have at least some of the original code laying around, it's also unknown if SNK currently has or knows where the complete Garou 2 prototype is after 2 decades of moves and chagning of hands.

Garou 2 prototype image #1 Garou 2 prototype image #2 Garou 2 prototype image #3 Garou 2 prototype image #4 Garou 2 prototype image #5
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This isn't the first time in recent years something like this has happened for an old SNK title either, as just last year, someone uncovered a prototype of Samurai Shodown 64, which had basically been left buried under a tree.

Those interested in seeing more should keep an eye on 2021kduck's Twitter page as they continue to showcase the lost history for everyone.

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