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Street Fighter 6 update, 35th anniversary - What the future holds

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • January 23, 2022 at 7:55 p.m. PST • Comments: 11

We're back after a brief hiatus with a new home for the EventHubs YouTube show, now titled Talk and Block. We kick off this return to form by discussing the latest Street Fighter 6 news, along with what Capcom may have in store for the 35th Anniversary of the franchise.

The big thing with Street Fighter 6 is we were expecting an announcement during Capcom Cup 8, but due to the world wide pandemic, we're thinking Capcom may do some kind of 35th Anniversary stream where they make some major announcements, which would include the next Street Fighter project, along with some other things.

Even though the most hype is currently built up for Street Fighter 6, Capcom had quite a bit of success with their 30th Anniversary Collection release in 2018, selling over 2 million copies to date.

I propose that Capcom updates this same game once again, but this time around with Ultra Street Fighter 4 and either all or most games playable online, with a revamped lobby and match making system that makes it easy to find opponents. Ultra Street Fighter 4 in this package would also be updated to feature rollback netcode.

If Capcom were to go this route, they could update the game every handful of years by adding a new game and offered reduced pricing for people who have already purchased it previously. In this way, there would always be a stable and solid home to play whichever older Street Fighter games you wished, and hopefully a lot of bells and whistles to make people feel right at home, where these games get updated with some modern features.

In theory, Capcom could re-release this same package as the 40th Anniversary of Street Fighter, and then add in Street Fighter 5, once again at a reduced price for those who have previously purchased it.

This package would not have the budget of a AAA title, but it could definitely use some extra features to make it easier to find and get matched up with other players, once again to create a very enduring home for modern players to compete at classic Street Fighter games.


00:00 - Street Fighter 6 updates
03:24 - Catalyst's 35th Anniversary Collection idea
05:43 - Features we'd like to see

As previously mentioned, there's a new home for our YouTube content, and if you wouldn't mind helping to spread the word, it's super appreciated. But... this is just the start, as we have a ton of plans we'll be announcing in the future now that we've finally settled on where our YouTube channel will live from this point out.

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