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I can honestly say I've never seen Falke's dive kick hit like this in Street Fighter 5

This game still has so much we haven't seen yet

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 21, 2022 at 10:09 a.m. PST • Comments: 7

It seems like I write this damn near every week, and that's probably because we keep seeing things we've never seen before in Street Fighter 5. Capcom's mainstay fighting title feels like it's in a really good spot right now, with a lot of players taking the time to explore a nice spread of different characters.

In a clip shared by veteran fighting game player RZR|Xian we see a combo from a Falke player that both Xian and I have never seen before. Somehow, the competitor made Falke's dive kick land in a way that she didn't bounce off the opponent at all, allowing for a full grounded combo.

During a recent installment in the Versus Weekly event, Falke player LacunaC went up against a Guile player named IamChuan. In the fourth game of their set, LacunaC jumped over the opponent for a cross up, but instead of going for a standard medium kick opted to throw out dive kick.

Falke's dive kick travels straight down, and when it makes contact it bounces off the opponent and sends her back up into the air allowing for a follow up attack. While that's how this move typically works, the interaction here sees Falke hit a deep dive kick, then continue moving downward until she hits the ground all in one motion.

With the hitstun from the kick, Falke is able to land, then transition straight into a combo using a couple of light hits into uppercut.

"Wow! New combo, guys!" Xian shouts as he watches the match. Clearly this is something that Falke players are familiar with, at least LacunaC is, as the they were totally ready for the confirm.

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