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Hori reveals PlayStation 5's first officially licensed arcade stick and fight pad

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 19, 2022 at 9:37 a.m. PST • Comments: 37

Although most PlayStation 4 controllers and arcades sticks work on most fighting games on PlayStation 5, there was inevitably going to come the arrival of new accessories for the newer system, and that time is apparently now.

Hori and Sony have announced the first officially licensed PS5 fighting game controllers between the Hori Fighting Stick α and Hori Fighting Commander OCTA.

The Fighting Stick α appears to most closely resemble an updated take on Hori's previous Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa with some new bells and whistles

It'll come packing the expected Hayabusa stick lever and buttons as well as a touchpad finally, but what's perhaps most interesting is its ability to cycle through up to four custom controller profiles through a companion app — though hopefully that doesn't allow for setting macros of course.

On top of that, the Fighting Stick α sports a 3.5mm audio jack to plug your own headphones into plus an opening chassis for easy customization and replacing the top panel artwork.

Hori's Fighting Commander OCTA, meanwhile, includes a D-Pad with adjustable sensitivity, a Short Throw Analog Stick with an 8-way gate and Micro Switch buttons as its main selling features.

Like the Fight Stick, the pad also features further custom options through the app as well as the headset input with onboard audio controls.

Hori's new PS5 stick is set to cost $200 USD while the Fighting Commander pad will be available for $60 although no release date has been revealed aside from the company saying they're "coming soon."

Of course, both of these controllers are also compatible with the PS4 and PC, so they can still come in handy even if you haven't been able to track down a PS5 yet.

Hori PS5 stick and pad image #1 Hori PS5 stick and pad image #2 Hori PS5 stick and pad image #3 Hori PS5 stick and pad image #4
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If you don't care about using them on PlayStation at all, however, Hori already released the Fighting Stick α and Fighting Commander OCTA for the Xbox Series X|S and PC last year, so you can go ahead and find those available online.

Mad Catz also recently announced they are attempting to bring their Tournament Edition sticks back with the T.E. 3, but it's mostly left people wondering who exactly its made for with its more questionable features.

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