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The top 5 best and worst DLC launch performances across Street Fighter 5's history

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 16, 2022 at 8:20 p.m. PST • Comments: 21

It feels admittedly pretty weird that after nearly 6 years and 29 DLC character launches, Street Fighter 5 has reached the conclusion of its main content support.

The game has seen plenty of ups and downs over all of that time, and a lot of that is reflected across SF5's five seasons of DLC fighters where some showed up ready to make a splash — and others not so much.

Now that Luke is available to play and has received his first full month of punching dudes online, we're going to take a gander at the top five best and worst performing DLC characters upon their release.

For this, we'll be using the official Capcom Fighters Network data to see how each new addition to the roster did in terms of overall play percentages for either the month they launched or first full month they were playable (whichever was higher).

We're not going to be including the win ratios this time around because we feel it's difficult to draw more concrete conclusions when people are hopping online for the first time and likely losing the majority of their early matches.

We also have to note as well that unfortunately, the data is inherently incomplete because the CFN did not start tracking these statistics until Urien launched at the end of Season 1 — so Guile, Ibuki or the others could have been high in the rankings though it's pretty much impossible to really know at this point..

With all of that said now, let's begin with the best rankings for play time percentages in overall online usage and initial community support.

The Best

5. Seth
Percentage used: 9.32%

Barely beating out Lucia for the spot, Seth starts out the list of the most popular DLC fighters upon release, and it's not exactly hard to see why.

The Street Fighter 4 boss returned almost out of the blue sporting a very different new body that came packing a bunch of new tools too for players to explore and mess around with.

As the 40th character to join SF5 at the end of Season 4, many also thought at the time that Seth could be the big finale for the game as the last remaining fighter, and they were kinda right until Capcom decided to move forward with Season 5.

4. Sagat
Percentage used: 9.73%

The king of Muay Thai was painfully absent from the launch roster of Street Fighter 5, and fans made it loud and clear that they wanted their big boy back.

It would take over two years to see that become a reality, however, but the hunger to throw out Tiger Shots did not disappear. If anything it probably grew.

What makes Sagat's performance extra impressive is the fact that he had to share the spotlight with G, who released at the same time as the mysterious newcomer that Capcom was hyping up at the time.

3. Kolin
Percentage used: 10.24%

Kolin was the first character to start Capcom's push of an all-new cast of fresh faces in Season 2 (aside from Akuma of course), and she came at a time when the game dramatically changed for the first time with the big balance update that saw strong Season 1 choices like Ryu, Chun-Li and Nash fall off the map.

The ice princess was also kinda the first DLC addition to introduce a new mechanic to SF5 with the special ability to freeze opponents solid.

It probably also helped that she'd been a character lurking in the background since Street Fighter 3 and played a fairly significant role in SF5's story though she wouldn't really come into competitive dominance until she received her V-Trigger 2 with Arcade Edition.

2. Luke
Percentage used: 11.77%

If you read our previous story on Luke's launch performance, it won't be a surprise to see him at number two here of course.

The new poster boy was built up for months as integral to the future of Street Fighter as well as being SF5's final character overall.

With all of that curiosity and intrigue surrounding the end of SF5 and a peek at what may be next, it seems Capcom succeeded in capturing the attention of the players one last time before moving on.

1. Akuma
Percentage used: 13.92%

Akuma came as something of a reset button to SF5's tumultuous first year while promising flashy combos and techniques that were a bit lacking at the time.

It also certainly helps that the demon is one of Street Fighter's most popular characters in general as well as a Shoto to help drive players to at least give him a shot and see where the game could go from there.

His lead over everyone else is impressive though one could argue Luke's was just as more so considering the roster was like twice the size it was when Akuma released.

The Worst

5. Menat
Percentage used: 4.59%

Although she is the queen of receiving costume after costume, Menat's focus on more technical play and controlling her orbs left her a bit outside of the realm of general use.

With arguably the highest skill floor to see any success in SF5, it's not exactly hard to see why many players likely played around with her for a few days before going back to what they were previously doing.

Menat's remained as a very niche character near the bottom of SF5's usage pretty much ever since, so if she didn't have story relevance and a lot of fans just liking her design, her chances of coming back for the next game probably wouldn't be that high.

4. Gill
Percentage used: 4.53%

Much in same boat as Menat, Gill wound up as one of the most technical and unique fighters on the cast, which didn't exactly do him any favors in terms of getting players to stick around.

His original Retribution system forced users to think of the game in a very different way that many would say didn't really make up for his lack of Crush Counters.

Seth being on the horizon and bringing a bunch of new attacks to play with probably clipped his wings a little short too.

3. Blanka
Percentage used: 3.69%

Nobody was feasibly going to play Blanka in SF5 except for fans of the character and online trolls, so therefore nobody's likely surprised to see him this low.

It is understandable that Capcom would want to fill out the remaining roster of Street Fighter 2 world warriors, but that doesn't mean people are going to use him.

At least we got Blanka-chan out of it, and I'd count that as a net win in my book.

2. Dan
Percentage used: 3.3%

Coming from a background of being a joke character for over 20 years and one of the worst in just about every game he's appeared in, Dan kicking off Season 5 didn't set the world on fire.

Sure they gave him new tricks and fun taunt gimmicks to make him more of a real boy, but players were also busy trying out the new V-Shift mechanic and balance update that came out with him.

We still can't really hate that mug though.

1. Falke
Percentage used: 2.85%

Falke was the second character in SF5 to attempt the simple input method of getting rid of motions after Ed, and players didn't really have a positive outlook on him already.

So it's not much of a surprise that his Neo Shadaloo sister would start her Street Fighter journey at a disadvantage, and looking fairly weak and wonky out the gate didn't help her chances any either.

It took competitors until just last year to finally win an official Capcom Pro Tour event with her, and she's remained one of the least popular characters in terms of usage since her launch.

Like Menat, her return for the sequel would probably be left in the dust if not for her assumed ties to the story moving forward.

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