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Here's how to perform Alex's newly uncovered throw glitch in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and send foes to a higher plane of existence

I guess it works with Gill too

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 14, 2022 at 11:01 a.m. PST • Comments: 4

Older fighting games offer a treasure trove of glitches that range from hilarious to crashing arcade cabinets, and players still continue to find new quirks even decades later.

Some of you may have recently seen an interesting clip floating around of what appears to be a newly uncovered bug in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike where Alex gives Chun-Li the power of levitation, and we can tell you how to perform it — plus some more fun ways it can be used against other characters too.

Japanese player Kinyoubi103 seems to be the first person to post this strange tech online a few days ago, which shows Alex grabbing Chun-Li during her throw and can land her on a nonexistent floor.

It is pretty hard to tell what exactly is going on in the sequence, so luckily KD Alpha released an explanation video breaking down how it can be performed.

Firstly, Alex needs to be in either corner and perform heavy Flash Chop into the backdrop to put Chun in the corner.

If she quick rises and throws the grappler while his back is still turned, he may not actually get tossed and be able to hit her instead.

Using a Power Bomb (with perhaps a micro walk forward first) in this situation can then land her on a higher plane of existence.

While walking on air, Chunners cannot perform any attacks or dash, but she can crouch or jump, which returns her to the normal floor to fight again — but there's an even funnier and faster way to hit the ground too.

Another player going by Arist_Leo also saw the clip and decided to have some extra fun exploring what all it can do where they found it can work with Gill as well — and even send Alex skyward instead.

I scoured the internet and old fighting game forums and couldn't find a single mention of the glitch here, so I believe it's probably new though let us know in the comments if it was previously discovered elsewhere.

You can check out KD Alpha's breakdown of how to break Third Strike in a fascinating way below.

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