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Street Fighter celebrates its monumental 35th anniversary

What will we receive as presents for the big party?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 10, 2022 at 5:51 a.m. PST • Comments: 51

Street Fighter 2 may have started the fighting game community as we know it, but none of us would be here without the original.

The Street Fighter series is celebrating its 35th anniversary here in 2022, and Capcom certainly has some fun stuff up their sleeves for the milestone, starting out with a new logo.

When it hit the arcades all the way back in 1987, Street Fighter introduced the world to Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Hadokens, Shoryukens, directional special inputs in general and so much more.

The series progenitor was also a very different beast than what most first experienced with SF2 since the Shotos were the only playable fighters (with the rest being computer controlled only).

Moreover, the "Deluxe" arcade cabinets only featured 1 punch and 1 kick button that would determine the strength of the attack depending on how hard they were pressed.

It should be pretty obvious why those didn't catch on and the "Regular" version used the six-button setup that's still used in 2022.

Capcom started the celebrations with some tweets revealing the 35th anniversary logo though there's obviously much more in the works for one of the company's largest and longest running franchises.

The big one that everyone's looking forward to most is the presumed incoming reveal of Street Fighter 6 or whatever Capcom is planning to name the next project.

Many believed the future of Street Fighter would be announced at Capcom Cup next month, but the company canceled the event last week due to rising COVID-19 cases.

So it remains to be seen if they'll go forward with those assumed plans for the online Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Finale or bump it to later on.

Street Fighter's Japanese tweet did include a bit longer of a message that could imply more news could be incoming at some point in the nearish future.

"Please look forward to future developments in the Street Fighter series!" reads the Japanese post as translated by our own Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, who notes the use of development refers to narrative and not necessarily game development — though it's kinda hard to have one without the other.

Street Fighter 5 Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto also confirmed in their New Year's messages to 4Gamer that they do have a variety of things in the works right now.

"The Street Fighter series is heading into its 35th anniversary, and we have been working hard on various projects related to it" - Takayuki Nakayama, SF5 Director

"In 2022, the Street Fighter series is heading into its 35th anniversary, and we have been working hard on various projects related to it. Thanks for the support," said Nakayama as translated by Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor.

"We'll be delivering a lot of information in 2022," Matsumoto followed up. "Street Fighter is having it's 35th anniversary, and we'll be showing many different ways to enjoy it."

Outside of a new game announcement, fans can also probably look forward to quite a few new products for the anniversary including clothing, figures, accessories and more physical or digital goods. Maybe even another crossover or two.

Although Street Fighter 5 is now done with seeing new character releases though it wouldn't be surprising to see some special costumes or other content to capitalize on the big milestone.

Capcom previously released the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection in 2018, so we likely won't see another new compilation for the series.

But it would certainly be appreciated if players could get a new release of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition or a rollback netcode-enabled version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Technically, Street Fighter first hit Japanese arcades in August of '87, so we've still got quite a few months before the full birthday bash arrives.

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