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Evo Moment 37 just happened to Justin Wong again

If you tempt fate too many times...

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 3, 2022 at 8:08 p.m. PST • Comments: 24

Evo Moment #37, also known as the Daigo Parry, is the special piece of fighting game history that got so many into the genre and showcased what makes Street Fighter 3: Third Strike shine as a technical and strategic beast of a title.

PG|Justin Wong found himself on the receiving end of BST|Daigo Umehara's perfect parries back in 2004, and history just repeated itself with the legendary pro getting hit with it all again almost 18 years later.

During his latest stream going through classic Capcom fighters online, JWong found himself up against a player going by the name of capge in a Third Strike first to 5 set.

The classic Chun-Li vs. Ken matchup.

Finding himself down 2-1, Justin decides to tempt fate by trying to close out the first round of game 4 with a chip KO from Chun-Li's Houyoku Sen Super Art.

He calls capge out saying "you think you're Daigo. You ain't Daigo," but Wong would immediately have to eat those words.

Justin can only sit back and watch in shock as the Ken parries all 15 lightning-fast kicks in a row, and goes for the full grand slam conversion into his own Super.

While it may not have taken place in front of hundreds of screaming FGC heads at Evo, managing to pull off the Daigo Parry in full online is still an impressive feat for anybody — let alone to do it to Wong again.

After apparently not yet learning his lesson, JWong attempts to close out another round with the Super, and luckily for him, the magic doesn't happen twice in one night.

Their set would actually come down to the last game and last round with Justin taking the W in the end, but capge certainly walked away with the biggest moral victory perhaps ever.

This isn't the first time Wong has tempted fate in the face of Ken's parries before either, as someone previously almost repeated history back in 2020 except that guy only managed to deflect 5 kicks before getting KO'd.

Despite his decades of experience, the hall of fame pro revealed he had never actually learned how to do the parry himself until he attempted to do so in 2021.

Evo Moment 37 became so synonymous with the game that Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition included a special trial for players to try and recreate the Daigo Parry from home and learn how difficult it is to perform under optimal circumstances.

Almost a year ago exactly, some players discovered that there's a way Justin's Chun-Li could have potentially escaped the parry punish too — though I'm not sure anyone would go back in time and remove that from the history books.

Capge better find a way to mount this clip on their wall on endless repeat because there's not many accolades in life that beat out Evo Moment #37.

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