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Pro Tekken player Tanukana released from Cyclops Athletic Gaming eSports team following inappropriate comments about short men

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 17, 2022 at 1:09 p.m. PST • Comments: 123

Professional female Tekken player Tanukana has been terminated from Cyclops Athletic Gaming after making inappropriate comments during a live stream.

The Osaka eSports organization have released a statement confirming the cancellation of Tanukana's sponsorship contract effective today. According to Cyclops, the competitor made inappropriate and discriminatory remarks during a live stream on February 15, which led to her removal.

Tanukana is one of the most prominent female fighting game players competing today. She has numerous top placings in major Tekken events on her résumé, and was even invited to Daigo Umehara's second Kemonomichi event back in 2018 to compete in a Tekken 7 exhibition.

With her remarks during the stream, Tanukana reportedly targeted short men. "Men who are under 170 cm (5 ft 6.9 in) don’t have human rights,” is the quote that landed the player in hot water, and Kotaku reports that she also went on to say that those below said height should consider bone-lengthening surgery.

Kotaku also pointed out that jinken (人権) in Japanese means "human rights," but it also holds a different meaning when used as gaming terminology. It can also be used to mean "an item or character that all players need to have," and that has sparked some discussion as to whether Tanukana meant her statements differently than they've been interpreted.

Regardless, the attention and controversy that the incident generated was enough for Cyclops to remove her from their team. The organization has issued an apology along with their statement on the matter. Their statement reads as follows:

Cyclops Athletic Gaming's statement

We here at Cyclops Athlete Gaming apologize deeply for the inappropriate statements from our sponsored player Tanukana and the pain her words have caused people, as well as all the distress and trouble caused to the fans who support our team and the sponsors involved.

We have decided to cut ties with Miss Tanukana today, February 17th of 2022. Miss Tanukana's inappropriate statements in her live stream on February 15th of 2022 were not approved by us and have led to us terminating her contract.

Our corporation does not believe in discrimination or insults, whether they be through statements or actions, or online posts, and we value all people equally.

We will re-evaluate the system through which we instruct and guide any players we sign to our team in the future thoroughly in order to make sure that nothing like this happens again in the future.

Tanukana shared an apology on Twitter that has since been deleted, but she followed up with a series of tweets offering a more formal apology than initially released.

Tanukana's statement

To all the fans who have supported me until today, to Red Bull who were my first sponsor, I deeply apologize for the pain and trouble my selfish statements have caused.

The words I uttered during my broadcast are completely inexcusable and I accept that they came from a place of my own ignorance. There's no way for me to excuse the disappointment I've caused you all in this situation.

As a pro eSports player, as well as someone attached to a company, I deeply regret my statements and profusely apologize for betraying you all.

Photo source: Bandai Namco eSports. Translations courtesy of our very own Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor.

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