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Who was your first fighting game Valentine?

Everyone remembers their first

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 14, 2022 at 3:01 p.m. PST • Comments: 65

Valentine's Day is a great time to show your loved ones a little extra appreciation for how much of an impact they've had on your life, but in the FGC, we can't just forget about the fighters that have stood by our sides for years or decades now.

So we're here today to ask, who was your first fighting game Valentine?

When thinking of what would actually qualify as a Valentine fighter, I ended up being split of 2 minds.

There are those characters who we originally picked up when first learning a series and who we would go to first when trying to get into a new / different entry — even if we don't end up maining them in the end.

The other is perhaps a bit more straightforward being the first fighter we developed a crush for, and there's no need to be embarrassed.

It probably happened to everyone who grew up playing Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters or anything else because there's a ton of good looking chicks and dudes in these games.

I'll give you all my picks as an example and look forward to seeing your comments to get to know you all just a little bit better.

The Fighter Always There for You

I was first introduced to the world of fighting games through my best friend in late elementary school after spending most of my time playing single-player title up to that point.

The very first among them I believe was Tekken Tag Tournament, and though it's been almost 20 years at this point, I remember gravitating towards Jin Kazama.

Not only was he the main character, but Jin looked like a cool badass whose fire pants and devil transformation appealed to my growing edgy sensibilities going into middle school.

I never got amazing with Jin or anything, but I'd keep coming back to him in Tekken 4 and 5 before trying anyone else.

That would come to change with the release of Tekken 6, however, when newcomer Lars caught my eye and has remained my main pick since, but I still have so many memories growing up being stuck on bosses and looking through Jin's movelist for something new to try and get the upper hand.

There's another choice who still rings true to this day though and will likely continue in the future too.

From the moment I touched the original Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64, Link became my dude because not only did he have a sword with a cool spin slash but bombs and a bow too.

I'd played a handful of Legend of Zelda titles in my youth, but didn't consider myself a big fan of the series since I never got very far in them. Link in Smash gave me a new appreciation for it all though.

Through Melee and Brawl, I'd play around with a lot more of the cast but would always begin with the hero of Hyrule and come back when things would get serious.

That continued in Smash 4 and even Ultimate, and although I technically main Joker and Sephiroth now, Link will still be my first in the next game because I know he'll always be there to kick butt.

Also special shout out to Ken Masters too.

Although I didn't pay attention to the series until Street Fighter 4, Ken became my go to once I did because he was always flashy and easy / fun to use, and that was further backed up once I saw Evo Moment #37 for the first time.

First Fighting Game Crush

I'm sure a lot of old heads will probably say Chun-Li, Cammy or Mai Shiranui for obvious reasons, but I had a bit of a later start with the genre.

Going back to Tekken Tag 1, I think I liked Julia a little bit although it was really Unknown who really grabbed my attention.

Of course it helped that she was practically naked, and she was also pretty badass and mysterious with her wolf Stand where I'd spend continue after continue on her stage of darkness.

Unknown was probably a big reason I got into the world of Tekken not solely because of her looks, but because she made me want to learn more about the lore surrounding Jun, Kazuya, Ogre and the previous events of the series.

I was happy to see her come back for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 though I still wish Bandai Namco would maker her an official, canon roster member.

Skipping forward a few years, the next fighter I can think of who had an impact on my feelings was actually Tira in Soul Calibur 3

The lady with the giant metal ring caught my eye at first due to her torn up top, blue hair and green makeup, which were all things I liked as a young teenager.

Her being pretty pyscho must have rubbed off on me a bit too since I became drawn towards other crazy fighting ladies afterwards like Juri Han in Street Fighter 4 too.

Tira's personality did, however, kinda start to get a bit old after a few games and never actually played her all that much, so she wasn't really a crush that ultimately stuck — unlike Juri.

Everyone at EventHubs wishes you all a happy and fun Valentine's Day, whether it be with your real crush or fighting game crush.

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