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This is closest to a 100% touch-of-death combo in Street Fighter 6 we've seen yet, 84 hits and 9,802 damage dealt

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 23, 2022 at 6:16 a.m. PST • Comments: 17

The more time the Fighting Game Community gets with Street Fighter 6 before its June 2, 2023 launch, the closer we're getting to seeing a legitimate 100% touch-of-death combo. This latest attempt is the closest we've seen by far, with the sequence dealing a staggering 9,802 damage (one full bar has 10,000 health points).

This extended Guile combo comes from the mind of Fight Element, who uses every resource available (and then some) to steal a whopping 98% of Ryu's health. Thanks to the help of Guile's Sonic Boom loops and his ability to build meter with them, he can exceed the limits of the highest damage combos we've seen thus far.

Earlier this month, we reported on a Street Fighter 6 Guile combo that dealt over 7,000 damage and managed to land 81 hits in one go. Fight Element's impressive combo uses some of the same techniques and set ups here to push things even further and better optimize it.

The stats on this latest Guile sequence are truly insane. We see that 84 hits are landed, the final damage counter shows 9,802, there are a total of five super bars used, and unless my count was off, there were a total of 24 Perfect Sonic Booms thrown and successfully hit here.

Things kick off with a Sonic Blade and powered up Perfect Sonic Boom from full screen away that Guile follows closely behind. Landing as a Punish Counter, the projectiles hit as Guile clobber's Ryu with a beefy raw Drive Rush forward + heavy punch to get things started.

From there, Guile is able to land a few Perfect Sonic Boom loops before firing into his level 2 Sonic Puncher super. This adds much more room for Boom loops and extra hits, while also helping Guile build meter to continue his sequence.

Where Fight Element's combo differs from the previous one we've seen is in the choice to save the two extra bars of super built up for a level 3 Critical Art at the end instead of using a second level 2 Sonic Puncher. The end result is 198 health points shy of a true touch-of-death combo, but we suspect we'll see that 100% landed at some point.

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