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Street Fighter 6's new Input Delay Reduction feature test shows substantially less lag on PlayStation 5

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 19, 2022 at 3:23 p.m. PST • Comments: 16

Capcom implemented a new Input Delay Reduction feature in Street Fighter 6's second closed beta test this past weekend, but it was impossible to know at a glance how much of a difference turning it on actually made.

Luckily, Kimagre Gaming was able to put the input lag setting to the test thoroughly on PlayStation 5, which revealed pretty encouraging results.

With the IDR feature turned off, Kimagre Gaming found that SF6 ran with 5.29 frames of average input lag at 720p, 3.65 frames at 1080p, 5.23 frames at 1440p and 5.24 frames at 4K resolution on PS5.

Although turning it on doesn't equally cut latency across the board at all settings, flipping the switch appears worthwhile to most.

The biggest difference in the results comes from those resolutions that were initially above 5 frames of lag with IDR dropping 4K down to 3.67 frames and 3.68 frames for 1440p.

Interestingly, there doesn't look to be any noticeable change for 1080p, but perhaps most importantly, IDR seems to make input lag pretty much equal on PS5 no matter which settings are being used.

Another addition to the second beta was the inclusion of 120Hz display support, which should in theory drop the latency further for players with higher refresh rates.

Kimagre Gaming's test, however, only shows a .29 frame improvement at 1080p with IDR while 1440p actually went up by almost a whole frame.

Unfortunately, they were not able to run the game at 4K 120Hz, so we still don't know how it performs at the highest settings on console.

They didn't have access to the Xbox Series X|S or PC versions of the SF6 beta either although there is likely similar benefits from IDR at least on the other console.

Tests from the first beta showed that the Xbox version of SF6 apparently runs a bit higher than the PS5 surprisingly with Noodalls discovering the XSX had an average of 5.75 frames of lag at 1080p at the time and 6.12 frames at 4K resolution.

With an average improvement of about 30% on PS5, IDR could theoretically drop the Xbox lag to around 4 frames at 1080p and 4.28 frames at 4K if it has the same amount of impact.

Capcom will likely continue to try cutting SF6's input lag as much as they can until release, but it is nice to see they already have a feature in place to give players more options.

Unless you're maybe just planning on running SF6 at 1080p on a 60Hz screen, turning Input Delay Reduction on seems to be a really good idea, and it's probably best to have on anyway.

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