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Street Fighter 6's release date may have just leaked on the PlayStation Store

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 7, 2022 at 5:59 p.m. PST • Comments: 63

Capcom has remained quiet on the specific release date of Street Fighter 6 since its reveal aside from a general 2023 window, but we may now have a more solid day to point to.

Multiple users are reporting Street Fighter 6's entry on the PlayStation Store being updated to include what appears to be the release date for the title.

According to screenshots being shared online, Street Fighter 6 is listed with the launch date of June 2, 2023, although we've yet to be able to corroborate these findings on our own consoles or through the official PS Store website thus far.

The date format could also be read as February 6, 2023 as well, but that option seems less likely at this point considering Capcom has already stated their plans to release just 1 more big title this fiscal year, being Resident Evil 4's remake.

June 2 doesn't appear to be a simple placeholder either, as it's not the first of the month / quarter.

Since Twitter user BestBrosPlay was able to capture a video of the store page and being unable to purchase the game though, it does further lend credence to this leak being real.

On top of that, the alleged store listing details SF6's Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition, which also gives a look at some content planned for the game.

Those who end up pre-ordering any version of SF6 will end up receiving Color 10 for 6 characters as well as special titles and stickers.

The more expensive editions also include the Year 1 Character Pass or Year 1 Ultimate Pass, which suggests not only will SF6 unsurprisingly add new characters after release but there's a larger pass like we saw with Street Fighter 5's final season.

Considering the timing of this apparent listing update, this could indicate a new trailer and official release date are planned to show up at The Game Awards 2022 tomorrow, December 8, though Capcom has yet to give indication their game will be present at the event.

The store listings seem to confirm as well that purchasing the PlayStation 4 version will also give owners access to the PlayStation 5 release.

The South Korean games board recently rated Street Fighter 6, which often indicates a release date announcement is not too far behind and seems likely to be the case here.

Even if SF6 doesn't launch until June, players will still have another chance very soon to get their hands on the game since Capcom is running its second closed beta event this month starting December 16.

In case fighting game fans needed another reason to tune into The Game Awards aside from Tekken 8, it seems like everyone should keep their eyes on the event too for more official information regarding Street Fighter 6.

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