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This Mortal Kombat clip of a player pausing the game to interrupt his twin brother's round-winning combo is too funny to not see

Mustard totally unplugged Ketchup's controller when they were kids

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 1, 2022 at 12:56 p.m. PST • Comments: 4

Whether it be at the hands of a mischievous sibling or just a friend you brought over, everyone who grew up gaming has likely been on the receiving end of someone unplugging your controller or pausing the game just as you were about to win. While the closest thing we have to that nowadays in our heavily online era is rage quitters, it seems that the oldest trick in the book is still alive and well these days.

Prominent Mortal Kombat series player and commentator PND|Mustard recently uploaded a clip featuring a match between him and his twin brother, PND|Ketchup, in which the former pulled out the dirtiest of tricks. As Ketchup was about to finish landing the round-winning combo, Mustard paused the emulation of Mortal Kombat 3 they were playing and caused his brother to completely drop the sequence — which ultimately gave Mustard the win. As you might expect, some NSFW language lies ahead.

"Still the nastiest move I've ever pulled whilst playing fighting games against Ryan (Ketchup)," Mustard wrote in the tweet. The clip seems to be of a match that happened in the past, but it is still just as funny here today.

The footage sees Mustard streaming this bout with his brother Ketchup, with the former playing as Kano and the latter as Rain. It kicks off with Rain having Kano locked in a hard-hitting juggle combo using his projectile, to which Kano answers back with a quick Kano Ball.

Ketchup then proceeds to set the combo up once again, landing Rain's lightning strike from full screen away and popping Mustard up into the air for another series of juggles. Bringing Kano all the way across the screen with his Mind Control Orb, Ketchup lands three of these projectiles in a row while Kano's health gets dangerously near being fully gone.

After the third projectile, Mustard's Kano sits one hit away from losing, and with that realization the commentator can be seen moving his hand over to his computer in order to cause the interruption. Right before Ketchup can close it out, Mustard pauses the emulation and completely throws his brother's timing off, forcing him to drop the combo.

Kano lands, gets up as Rain whiffs a punch from failing the special move, then hits an uppercut that wins him the game. Mustard immediately leans back in his chair and starts howling laughing after the absolutely sneaky play.

"You paused the f****** emulation in the middle of my combo!" shouts Ketchup. They both laugh as Ketchup sends a few more swear words his brother's way.

Obviously, this isn't a tactic you'd want to use very often, especially not in a competitive setting against strangers. But pulling the plug on your sibling's winning play, though not the nicest thing to do, will always be hilarious.

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