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Here are the DNF Duel version 1.06 patch notes

A surprisingly low amount of changes

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 29, 2022 at 6:09 a.m. PDT • Comments: 15

A new patch for DNF Duel — version 1.06 — has dropped. Although a long list of balance adjustments felt like the general expectation of the community, the list ended up being surprisingly small.

The only fighters that received any changes were the Striker, the Grappler, the Hitman, and the Swift Master. While the Strike, the Grappler, and the Hitman only saw a change to one of their moves each, the Swift Master's changes were far more numerous.

Since the release of the game, it's been accepted that the Swift Master is by far the strongest combatant. Many of the tier lists that have been released so far have placed the Swift Master in a tier entirely by himself.

At long last, it appears that the Swift Master is receiving a number of nerfs to better keep him in check. The reduction in his MP regeneration rate, for example, will make it so that he won't be able to use certain moves quite as often.

Additionally, a number of Swift Master's moves have seen a damage reduction and a guard stun reduction. Ideally, this should reduce the easiness in which Switch Master is able to set up touch of death sequences.

Check out all the patch notes below:


• Rising Fist:
- Reduced guard stun after 2nd strike.


• Magnumsault:
- Reduced time unable to tech during the Charged Effect version.


• Bill Drill:
- Reduced guard stun after final strike.
- Increased guard pushback after final strike

Swift Master

• MP regeneration:
- Decreased MP regeneration rate.

• Wind Twist:
- Increased time needed to start MP regeneration.
- Reduced duration time.
- Increased stun time.
- Disappears when Guard Break is inflicted upon Swift Master.

• Wind Orb:
- Increased time needed to start MP regeneration.

• Storm Quaker:
- Increased time needed to start MP regeneration.
- Reduced guaranteed minimum damage
- Reduced guard gauge reduction amount.

• Storm Strike:
- Reduced guaranteed minimum damage.

• Vortex Hurricane:
- Reduced guaranteed minimum damage.

• Wind Blaster:
- Reduced guard gauge reduction amount.
- Reduced guard stun time.
- Reduced damage.

• Sonic Move:
- Reduced guard gauge reduction amount.
- Reduced white damage against opponents when guarded.
- Guard stun decreased when triggered in down-forward direction.

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