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Everyone except Fahkumram players will enjoy this video showcasing the character's nerfs over the years

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 19, 2022 at 2:53 p.m. PDT • Comments: 5

Though he was an absolute beast upon release, Tekken 7's Muay Thai master, Fahkumram, is but a shell of his former self. Even after a few run ins with the nerf bat, Fahkumram has still been a decent choice for those aiming to win, but a brand new patch rolled out just two days ago.

The Tekken community is still widely figuring out where things will settle in terms of overall tier lists and such, but I AM OP has produced a video depicting the history of Fahk nerfs (including the latest changes) and notes he feels "devs don't want tournament representation from this character anymore." In any case, the video is a quick and fun watch as we see the downward trend of this once OP character.

Indeed, while many roster members saw just one or two changes next to their names, Fahkumram and other late DLC characters had quite a few more. Eleven of his maneuvers were altered, a handful of which had multiple alterations made to them.

All of this on paper is interesting to some, but seeing how these changes actually manifest in game is a bit more of a head turner. Especially if you regularly play Tekken 7, seeing the evolution of Fahkumram's nerfs will almost certainly cause some emotions to surface.

We get to observe how once safe attacks became punishable as well as how certain punches and kicks that would reach far enough to link together powerful beat downs no longer do so.

I AM OP puts this footage over some fun tunes that set the mood. Take a look and let us know where you think Fahkumram places on the tier lists now in what very likely could be Tekken 7's final balance.

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