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New MultiVersus characters to be revealed tomorrow

Just in time for the launch of Season 1

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 14, 2022 at 7:50 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

After a minor delay, the official start of Season 1 for MultiVersus is hours away from kicking off, and it appears as though there will be more content on the way than previously known.

According to MultiVersus Director Tony Huynh, more new characters for the game will be revealed once the Season 1 update drops on August 15.

"There's a surprise and a look at some future unannounced characters in the login screen tomorrow," wrote Huynh on Twitter. "More announcements and details coming."

From how it sounds, fans of Warner Bros. platform fighter are getting their first look at the incoming roster members in the game itself instead of an announcement trailer, which is a bit odd, but those are likely to show up sooner rather than later to showcase how they actually play.

While he won't obviously say how many characters to expect, Huynh did confirm that those on the login screen are scheduled to arrive sometime during Season 1.

Morty was previously announced to be coming with MVS Season 1's release, but he's now been pushed back an extra week to August 23.

His crazy grandpa Rick is the only other revealed fighter for MultiVersus that isn't available thus far, so it's going to be interesting to learn how many more additions Player First Games is planning to patch in over the game's first few months.

As for other content coming to the first season, the developers previously confirmed ranked online play, a classic arcade mode and new costumes / cosmetic items to unlock or purchase.

Stay tuned to EventHubs for when the Season 1 patch notes drop for MultiVersus tomorrow as well as those new character reveals.

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