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3 ways Juri's special attacks have improved or changed in Street Fighter 6

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 15, 2022 at 4:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 17

Many original fans of Juri from Street Fighter 4 never really got on board with the core design changes she received in Street Fighter 5, but it appears Capcom is trying to find a happy medium in the new game to get the best of both worlds.

Street Fighter 6's newest trailer revealed the first look at Juri's updated gameplay to which NurseLee recently broke down to detail how the character's special attacks have been improved / changes and a bit of speculation as to how her mechanics may work now.

The first thing NurseLee takes a closer look at is how Juri's Overdrive Fuharenkyaku appears to work in SF6 where the first kick now appears to hit high instead of low like in SF5.

Then the way the attack ends with the axe kick like that has NurseLee speculate that her Fuha kicks could be independent from each other when using meter.

One benefit over SF5 is Juri no longer needs to charge first to use her low fireball or Fuha kicks anymore, but they gain additional hits / properties and chain together like they previously did when they are properly charged.

We don't really know yet how the charged projectile will act though.

Another big crowd pleaser for Juri players old and new is her Shiku-sen divekick from SF4 is back, and she can get an extra follow-up for using the Overdrive version.

Given its absence so far, however, she may not be getting her Ryodansatsu flip kick back from SF5.

You can check out NurseLee's short breakdown of some of Juri's mechanical changes below, and take a look at how Kimberly's moves compare to Guy and Zeku's in our own here.

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