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Visual comparisons between Kimberly and Guy/Zeku, plus everything we know about Street Fighter 6's newest character

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 12, 2022 at 7:19 p.m. PDT • Comments: 31

Capcom revealed the newest addition to not only the Street Fighter 6 roster, but the Street Fighter franchise proper this past weekend at Evo. Kimberly is the name of the fresh fighter, and the oh-so familiar Bushinryu style is her game.

Fans of the franchise immediately recognized a handful of the maneuvers she pulls off in the trailer as being inspired by or straight up copied from Guy and/or his master, Zeku. As such, we've put Kimberly up next to some similar footage of Guy and Zeku for you to compare and contrast.

Kimberly has a run that she can stop short, slide, or perform a leaping kick maneuver from... just like Guy in Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter 4. We also spotted an elbow drop, a few dazzling air grabs, and even explosive hazards she seemingly picked up from the older fighters.

Lest this starts to sound as though Kimberly might be a carbon copy of older characters, she's most definitely not. Capcom has added plenty of unique flair to her as you'll notice little nuances as she puts her own spin on Bushinryu.

After you get a chance to see the side by sides, we jump into a recap of what we've learned about Kimberly thus far. Street Fighter 6 developers have offered a few words on her design, and have very much pointed our attention at her spray paint and cassette player.

Kimberly loves 80's pop culture and thus uses an old cassette tape to listen to music while she fights. Director Takayuki Nakayama noted that this is a particular artist she's listening to, and that we'll just have to wait for more Street Fighter 6 news to find out whom it is... though we have a suspect in mind (shared in the video).

Finally, we share a handful of official Kimberly screen shots Capcom has rolled out. Though it's early, there's plenty to examine already about this exciting new character. Let us know in the comments what you think of her thus far, and please give this video a like along with a subscription over on our YouTube channel. We'd greatly appreciate it.

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