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Three of Street Fighter 6's currently announced characters remain among the most popular in Street Fighter 5, July 2022 online stats

Chun-Li ain't far behind either

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 11, 2022 at 12:59 p.m. PDT • Comments: 3

Capcom has updated their Shadaloo C.R.I. website to include the latest online stats for Street Fighter 5. As we've been seeing in recent months, the name of the game for July 2022 looks to be all Shotos all the time as these fighters remain the most frequently used in-game.

Looking more closely at the most recent popularity chart, though, we noticed something else that is particularly interesting. Three of the currently revealed characters for Street Fighter 6 are among the most popular in Street Fighter 5 right now, and honestly, the other two remaining SF6 reps aren't far behind.

As far as Street Fighter 6 characters in Street Fighter 5 go, we have Ryu, Guile, Luke, Chun-Li, and now Juri. It may not surprise you to learn that warriors like Luke are in the top 5 most popular, but what is a bit more interesting is that all of these SF6 contenders fall into the top 15 of most-used fighters online.

At the very top of the heap is Street Fighter's poster boy, Ryu. He is #1 on the character usage chart, and often occupies that spot month over month with little to no movement.

Guile has moved up a spot from last month, where he is now 5th place instead of the 6th place he found back in June. Just below him is a character that many feel might be the best in the entire game, Luke, who also happens to be the only Street Fighter 6 newcomer involved in Street Fighter 5.

These three characters see consistent popularity for a number of reasons, from overall strength to recognizability. Part of the equation could very well be that some fans are very itchy for Street Fighter 6, though, and are trying to prepare ahead of time by playing world warriors they know are on the next game's roster.

Chun-Li also makes the top 10 cut for popularity here, coming it at #9 and just barely beating out Cammy for the spot. While Juri, a character that has been considered weak for a long time and now is starting to be seen as a real threat after the Definitive Update, places at 13th overall for usage.

Juri was revealed for Street Fighter 6 just this past weekend, so being that these stats are from last month we might not see an uptick in her popularity until the August data goes live. Either way, Street Fighter 5's current Street Fighter 6 characters are all doing fairly well for themselves online, and it wouldn't be surprising to see more rises in popularity happen after more legacy fighters get unveiled for the next game.

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