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The fastest way to unlock characters in MultiVersus without spending money

Don't expect to fully skip the grind, however

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 10, 2022 at 7:49 p.m. PDT • Comments: 10

As a new free-to-play title, MultiVersus offers players the choice of unlocking the majority of the playable cast through in-game coins or through the premium Gleamium currency.

Grinding out thousands of coins to acquire over a dozen fighters can feel like a slog if you're just trying to play online matches, so we're here to go over the fastest and most efficient ways to unlock more of the cast.

Obviously, the most amount of coins players can earn quickly is through the beginner missions, which is a very easy way to nab 1,600 coins.

Once those are all completed, however, missions will instead only award points for leveling up the game's battle pass, so you're gonna need consistent ways to collect funds.

There is no real gimmicky way to make the grind go away when fighters cost between 1,500–3,000 coins each, but here's a handful of tips to help maximize rewards.

Play Different Characters

One of the simplest ways to get coins that many players don't immediately think of is to actually change up the character they're using.

Leveling up a fighter to Mastery Level 5 awards 100 coins, which can be done in about 20 minutes or so.

With 4 free characters available in each rotation, that's an extra 400 coins assuming they haven't been leveled up already.

This is a well that will eventually start to run dry a bit, but not completely so long as the developers continue to add more roster members.

Level up Battle Pass and Player Rank

There's a few other ways to get a small lump of coins through playing, and those are through leveling up the Battle Pass and player ranks.

The pre-season 1 pass includes 250 coin rewards for reaching level 2 and 11 although that could change once Season 1 officially begins.

So it is still important to try and complete the daily and seasonal missions too to make that process go much, much faster.

As you're leveling up characters, you'll also be obtaining experience for your player profile as well and get another 100 coins that way.

Generously Toasty

This isn't the most consistent of ways to make bank, but it can start to add up really quickly.

Getting toasted by players after a match rewards players with an extra 20 coins apiece although that choice is obviously up to the teammate / opponents.

If you are generous and toast everyone in a lobby, however, I've found that they're almost certainly going to toast you back.

So that's potentially 60 more coins for ever 2v2 match played online.

Toast is a limited resource, but it's easy to keep earning more through playing the game, especially if you're following the steps above.

Play... A Lot

Every game played in a set of 2v2 hands out 9 coins, and each win brings in 9 more while singles matches are slightly lower at 8 coins a pop.

The first win of the day provides a bonus of at least 100 coins as well.

This also applies to bot matches, which could be decently faster than actual online matches, but don't expect the computer to toast you back.

It is important for me to say even if you follow these tips with effort, you're still not going to be unlocking new characters left and right.

In my 20 hours of play thus far, I've gathered a total of around 7,200 coins, which is only enough to buy 3 more fighters.

I haven't always been following this advice though, so I probably could've jumped that to like if 10,000+ I focused on the coins more at the beginning.

MultiVersus is designed to make players grind and work to get more characters without spending money, and that's pretty much just the nature of the beast in the current free-to-play landscape.

There is a chance the developers eventually ease up on the requirements / cost as the roster presumably grows much larger and harder to keep up with, but don't expect that to happen any time soon.

What is more likely to happen, however, is the team adds more ways to earn more coins through missions, ranking rewards, etc. after a few seasons.

At least the game lets you use any character in training and offline matches, so you can essentially try before you buy.

You can find the full list of prices of characters and costumes available in MultiVersus as they were for Early Access in our previous guide here.

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