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Street Fighter's Juri and Sakura are here to beat up goons in these cool Sifu mods

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 2, 2022 at 6:36 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Sifu's great action draws a lot of inspiration from classic beat 'em ups and fighting games, so it seems fitting to have some world warriors join in to beat up some goons.

Freemanczh has been busy this Summer creating a handful of Street Fighter mods for Sifu including a few excellent ones for Juri and Sakura.

Juri's mod sees her use her nostalgia costume from Street Fighter 5, which means it includes the weird jacket that some fans weren't really hot on, but damn is it cool to see her chuck bottles and beat the stuffing out of a room full of goons.

If you're not big on that outfit, Freemanczh has earlier versions of the mod using her default SF5 costume as well as her swim suit.

Sakura similarly dons her classic school girl attire, and she too looks great in motion with her headband and skirt flipping around in her combos.

If Capcom ever decides to make a new Final Fight game, perhaps we'll see something very similar to this, but until then, at least Street Fighter 6 is getting a more open single-player mode in World Tour.

You can check out Sakura and Juri in action below, and you can check out more Sifu mods from Freemanczh including a few more from The King of Fighters on their Nexus Mods page.

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