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You can't be mad at this one-touch Soul Calibur comeback... but we still would be

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 22, 2022 at 6:18 a.m. PDT • Comments: 8

For some intangible reason, Isabelle "Ivy" Valentine is often beloved by gamers at first sight. That said, play enough rounds against her in Soul Calibur 6 and you may find your frustrations outweighing your affections.

A recent upload of just 20 seconds of SC6 gameplay by TheInfectious_D reminds us all of just how volatile this character (and game) can be as he mounts a comeback that would likely cause us to drop the game entirely if it happened to us.

Those who hail from other corners of the fighting game community, and thus don't play a ton of Soul Calibur, would likely see a touch of death combo like this as problematic and something that developers need to get rid of. With its ring out mechanic, however, Soul Calibur creates an atmosphere where this kind of thing isn't all that uncommon.

We join the action as an opponent using Azwel essentially has Infectious' Ivy on the ropes. She has almost no health left and finds herself cornered between a wall and the edge of the arena, and Azwel is slinging a constant barrage of attacks at her in an attempt to finish the round.

A single hopping attack at just the right time, however, changes everything. Infectious' Ivy finds a break in the barrage and is able to launch the Azwel into the air for a counter combo sequence. With 80% of his health still left in the tank, this shouldn't be the final interaction of the round...

In a frustratingly beautiful display of execution and with the mental presence of mind to make slight positional adjustments, Infectious steals away victory. See it all play out for yourself right here:

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