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Umbrella officially joins Skullgirls 2nd Encore; check out the latest patch notes here

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 14, 2022 at 5:57 p.m. PDT • Comments: 8

Skullgirls is now celebrating its 10th anniversary and still going strong as developers have added a brand new character to the mix: Umbrella.

Not only does a second parasol-wielding fighter join the roster, but we also get a bunch of patch notes detailing changes to seven other characters. Unsurprisingly, the lion's share of changes go to Annie of the Stars, the game's previous newcomer.

Season 1 Pass/Umbrella DLC purchase haul:

• NEW STAGE - The Boardwalk is open for business! The denizens of New Meridian are soaking up the sun on this seaside promenade, taking in the sights, sounds and occasional all-out brawl.

• NEW MUSIC TRACK - Legendary composer Masaru "Raito" Kuba serves up the Boardwalk's jaunty 'Ice Cream Headache' music track!

• STORY MODE - When a family has as many secrets as the Renoirs, even a simple trip for ice cream can have world shaking consequences...

• PALETTES - Any princess worth their salt will have an expansive wardrobe to choose from, and Umbrella comes with 29 palettes to choose from!

• TUTORIALS / TRIALS - Learn how to handle Umbrella and Hungern's unique Hunger mechanic, then challenge yourself with their devilish combo trials.

• ACHIEVEMENTS (PS4 ONLY) - Figuring out what these cryptic challenges even are will be half the battle.

For those who have purchased the Season One Pass, in addition to having full access to Umbrella and her content you will also receive...

• "SKULLGIRL" PALETTE - Umbrella ditches her yellow raincoat for the classic black outfit with white hair that Skullgirls are known for.

• ALTERNATE "SKULLGIRL" VO - Voice Packs make a triumphant return to Skullgirls with this sinister alternate take on Umbrella's usually bouncy persona.
- Using both her alternate Skullgirl VO and her Skullgirl palette at the same time will activate special effects!

Skullgirls 2nd Encore Umbrella Official Release Patch Notes Character Changes


• When characters are glowing from a hit effect (Parasoul and Squigly's fire, Robo-Fortune's electricity, etc) they emit a glowing light that is visible on nearby objects.


Star Power
- Now requires Annie to have two bars of Dramatic Tension to activate, even when used as a Blockbuster Sequel. (DHC)
- On activation, Star Power consumes 1 bar of Dramatic Tension immediately, up from 0.
- Stars are only created from JHP once per jump.
- During Star Power, cHK now has a buffer into sLP to make the link more consistent.
- s.F+MP no longer produces a star, so that the attack causes stagger.
- Stars created from normal attacks now deal chip damage.
- Gravity Collapse (ending Star Power) now deals 400 chip damage.

North Knuckle
- Reduced hitstop and blockstun for North Knuckle punches, and follow-up slams. Frame advantage is reduced more when used as an assist.
- Increased recovery on North Knuckle HP version slam.
- As an assist, the follow-up slam applies one extra hits' worth of damage scaling.

Pillar of Creation
- Increased start up.
- Reduced frame advantage on initial hit, when blocked.
- Increased recovery on Annie if the first hit does not successfully hit the enemy point character.
- When used as a Blockbuster sequel (DHC), the super freeze before the first hit ends earlier.
- First hit damage adjusted from 750 to 500. Second hit damage adjusted from 1000 to 1250.
- The first hit applies 40% forced damage scaling when used as a Blockbuster sequel. (DHC)
- Reduced first hit active frames.
- Reduced hitstop and launch height on second hit. Hitstop is reduced further when used as a Blockbuster sequel. (DHC)

• Reduced blockstop and blockstun on Annie's Destruction Pillar special move when used as an assist.
• If Sagan Beam is blocked in the air, Annie cannot block while falling until she lands on the ground.
• Reduced Blockbuster hitpause on Meteor Strike from 6F to 4F.
• Reduced Meteor Strike damage from 2250 to 2000. Meteor Strike forced damage scaling adjusted to 70%, previously it was 80%.
• Adjusted cHP damage from 1300 to 1200.
• Adjusted second hit sHP damage from 700 to 600.
• Reduced JHP hitbox.
• Reduced sMP hitbox.
• JMP recovery increased by 2F.
• Fixed a bug where Annie could airdash backwards low to the ground through a short crouching opponent.
• Reduced s.F+HP (Luminous Supergiant) step forward before active frames by ~20%. Adjusted damage from 1500 to 1300.
• Fixed a bug where Annie couldn't whiff cancel the active frames of cLP into the second hit.


• When Catellite Lives is used as a Blockbuster Sequel (DHC), it lasts slightly (33F) longer.


• Updated palette 18 with a new effect.
• sHK start up reduced by 3F.
• sHP start up reduced by 3F.
• cHK armor against projectiles begins 4F earlier.
• Fixed a bug where Weight of Anubis and Nekhbet Breaker incorrectly scaled the combo damage to 50%, instead of 55%.

Throne of Isis (QCF + LK)
- Hitpause increased by 2F on hit.
- Reduced knockback by 20%.
- Reduced extended hurtbox on the chair, making it less likely to be nullified by physical attacks on accident.

- When recovering from her Blockbusters, Hathor's Return can be input early to return to the anchor as fast as possible. Returning using this method also prevents her life from draining as she returns to Eliza.
- Extended Blockbuster Sequel (DHC) window on Crimson Scourge.
- Forced combo damage scaling from Crimson Scourge adjusted from 55% to 45%.
- If Carpenter's Axe is blocked (ground HP or HK), she cannot perform Sekhem Rebound.


• Fixed a bug where Filia could airdash backwards low to the ground through a short crouching opponent.


• Increased vulnerable hurtbox area on JLK.
• Fixed a bug where "Rekka" style moves (Cat Scratch, El Gato, and Cat Slide) would not turn to face the opponent when used while her head was removed.


• Increased cooldown on level 2 charged Shadow of Impending Doom items by 20F.
• Four invincible frames from the start and recovery of all "The Hole Idea" (teleport) versions have been made vulnerable.


Systemic Circuit Breaker (Level 3)
- Increased minimum time before Robo-Fortune can air dash after jumping from 5F to 8F.
- Reduced bonus recovery speed on the air version of MP Theonite Beam. (8F adjusted to 5F less recovery)
- Reduced knockback on air and ground MP Theonite Beam.
• Fixed a bug where Robo-Fortune couldn't perform her "Homing Directory" jump after sHK connected against Ms. Fortune and her detached head at the same time.

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