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Luke's alternate costumes left us pretty convinced about his true identity in Street Fighter 5

Conspiracy? More like sonspiracy... I'll see myself out now

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 21, 2021 at 8:16 p.m. PDT • Comments: 62

Luke's initial reveal last month as the final Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition character left many fans wondering just who exactly this new guy is and why he's here in the first place.

Now with Capcom revealing the kickboxer's alternate costumes coming alongside his release, we're fairly convinced the developers have left enough clues to piece together Luke's identity and connections to the series.

Ever since his teaser trailer was revealed, there have been a handful of theories floating around as to Luke's heritage and potential future in the Capcom universe though most were built on some similar motifs and light links to the existing lore.

We previously covered the conspiracies surrounding the cocky star boy one day becoming Captain Commando and / or being somehow related to Charlie Nash, which we might have been on the right track of after all.

Taking a closer look at Luke's Story and Battle costumes for SF5 turned us into believers that he is indeed likely Nash's son, and here's why.

Firstly, let's examine this Story outfit again and tell me if you notice anything familiar about it.

If you said Luke's military garb looks like a more modern reimagination of Charlie's original design from the Alpha games, then you'd be correct in our eyes.

Obviously, it's not an exact match, but there's just way too many similarities to ignore.

Luke's open vest here is clearly the biggest carryover between the two although that alone wouldn't have been enough to convince us it's a real reference to the past.

The real kicker to me was actually the pants considering they're rolled up to look more like capris, which really is not a common thing at all among the guys of Street Fighter who wear shoes / boots.

It's pretty much just a Nash thing as far as we can tell.

There's more possible connections too that aren't quite as strong including the belt, the side pack that could replace Nash's cargo pants pockets and the dog tags, which are admittedly included in all three of his main costumes as being part of the United States Air Force like both Nash and Guile.

As for the basketball Battle costume, there's only one other potential connection to Charlie that we didn't really notice at first — but when we did, oh boy.

Take a good look at Luke's hair here. Sure he appears to be wearing a man bun of some sort, but what's that in the front?

He has exactly two long pieces of hair that jut out the top and hang down.

Some of you might think of Nash's character-defining spike of hair as being one piece / chunk, but it's just as often if not more common to see it depicted as two that are closely connected.

Again, the hair by itself wouldn't give us much to work with. Combined with everything in the Story outfit, however, it paints a more complete picture as to what Capcom may be going for in Luke.

The biggest clue we heard him say in the trailer was the beginning line of "someday, I want to become a man like him!" which certainly could be his reason for joining the military — to be seen as a true soldier and hero like dear old dad.

As one of the stronger canonical fighters in the series lore / history, it would also make sense that Nash's son would be a real force to be reckoned with too.

If that is indeed the case, Luke's abilities or potential could be of great interest to the powers at hand in Street Fighter 6 on the sides of both good and evil.

Ever since we got past the base roster of SF5, every one of the newcomers has been closely connected to at least one or more existing fighters, so Luke should hold true to that pattern as well.

Given everything we've seen and heard of him up to this point, the evidence points strongly to the man of the future being Nash's son if not at least closely related to him.

There's still one part of Luke's Battle costume I haven't been able to solve, however.

His jersey bears the number 14, which has no deeper connection that I could find, so let us know in the comments if you have any ideas as to what it could be in reference to, if anything.

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