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Earthquake hits during Southern California player's Guilty Gear Strive tournament match... and he doesn't stop playing

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 20, 2021 at 4 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

It's hard enough to fend off all of Guilty Gear Strive's crazy offensive strings in normal settings, but to have a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit during your tournament match? That's exactly the scenario SoCal's Reynald Tascuan faced during an online Twitch Rivals team tournament this past weekend, and he rode it out like a total pro.

Instead of freaking out and running to get under a table or cover of some sort, Reynald drops a few frantic F-bombs and relocates from his gaming chair to the safety of the floor... and keeps playing the match. We have footage not only of the stream, but also of his camera feed so we can see him handle the situation in real time.

Reynald is a King of Fighters Evo champion (he's also a powerhouse at Dragon Ball FighterZ and Samurai Shodown) and so we're not overwhelmingly surprised he was able to maintain most of his composure under pressure..

The FG competitor inside of us knows we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't take a moment or two to assess risk and reward of trying to finish out a tournament match in these settings, though we're not sure we'd have the grit to both keep playing and win.

Especially given that neither the player, his significant other, nor their dog were harmed in the potentially dangerous moment, the whole thing plays out with quite a comical air about it. Reynald's vocal reactions definitely contribute a good bit to this as well.

One definitely earns some major badass points by handling this kind of scenario the way Reynald did, and he even tacked on a "cool guys don't look at explosions" action line to the clip after surviving.

"Whatever it takes to win bro," he posted, "I'm either dying in this earthquake or I'm winning."

Reynald and his team wound up in second place overall in the event, but at least they now have the option select to say they made it that far despite one of their key members having to play through a natural disaster.

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