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Luke's additional costumes revealed for Street Fighter 5, next big balance update delayed to 2022

That includes the Capcom Pro Tour DLC too

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 17, 2021 at 5:16 p.m. PDT • Comments: 62

Capcom revealed Luke to be the final character coming to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition last month, but a vocal number of fans weren't crazy about his visual design and were waiting to see his additional costumes. Now we can.

The developer announced tonight Luke's Story, Battle and Track Suit costumes that'll be available upon his release. At the same time, Capcom also stated they're delaying SF5's next big balance update to 2022 too.

Taking a closer look at the new boy's digs, his story costume appears to be pulling from his ties to the United States Air Force with the camouflage outfit and boots — which are all still in the Capcom logo colors except for the gloves strangely.

Luke's Battle Costume, meanwhile, looks more like he's ready to play some basketball in his Timbs with his own U.S.A. jersey and hair wrapped up in a bun.

Street Fighter 5's next (and potentially final) big balance update was originally scheduled to release around the same time as Luke in Fall 2021, but now that's been pushed back a number of months.

"In the previously released 'Street Fighter 5 Season 5 Roadmap' a new Battle Balance Adjustment and the Capcom Pro Tour 2022 DLC were scheduled to release in Fall 2021," wrote Capcom in their announcement. "However, with Capcom Cup 8 scheduled for Early 2022, this content will be moved to March 2022 to sync with that timeframe.

We apologize for this adjustment to the roadmap and thank you for your continued support."

While news of the delay will be disappointing for some hearing they'll be waiting longer to receive content, the shift in timeline does make sense, which makes the move not all that surprising.

With the 2021 season of the Capcom Pro Tour running through late January 2022, there were some concerns that introducing a Season 6-style balance patch could change the game up a lot looking at previous years.

This could produce issues for a competition as large as this, considering some regions will have already wrapped their CPT events by that point while others continue playing the new version.

It would have been pretty nuts if say Capcom Cup 2016 ran the Season 2 update for example.

As mentioned above, the delay also applies to the Capcom Pro Tour 2022 DLC containing one new stage and three more costumes like the years prior.

If Capcom had gone through with their original plan and are looking to have the Capcom Cup winner design one of the outfits again, we wouldn't even know who that winner would be by the time people could start purchasing the Premier Pass.

One thing the timeline shift doesn't include, however, is Luke himself, as the new graphic re-affirms the series newcomer is still on track to launch this November.

Capcom Cup 8 still doesn't have a set date for the grand finale of Season 5, but judging by this, they're probably aiming to hold the event sometime in March too.

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