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Which Street Fighter game has the best music?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 15, 2021 at 5:26 p.m. PDT • Comments: 60

The Street Fighter franchise is known for a good many attributes, but one that we don't talk about enough has to be the music. The world of video games has some incredibly steep competition when it comes to this particular category, but Street Fighter has some absolute bangers that have a real shot at ranking in as some of the most influential of all time.

On this week's EventHubs Podcast episode, I open myself up to much ridicule as I rank six numbered SF titles (SF Alpha, SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4, and SF5) in order from weakest to strongest in terms of their music. Here we go...

There are more than just the numbered Street Fighter titles (Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter EX come to mind) but I wanted to keep this somewhat caged because we could be here all day otherwise. That said, if this gets enough interest we very well may make a similar investigation of other SF games.

This is, of course, subjective, but I do offer my reasonings for placing each game where I do. None of these are downright bad (with the exception of one song in one game that we'll cover) but some are just better than others.

The main criteria here is generally centered around how inspired and inspiring a game's sound track feels. If most of the music simply seems to fade into the background, the game is not going to get all that many points. If songs stand out for positive reasons, are catchy, invoke emotion, or have garnered widespread critical acclaim then they're gonna propel their game up the chart.

There's a decent bit of discussion and we'd hope you'd listen in to offer comments and such on YouTube, but we've also included time stamps so you can just jump to each game to discover the order quickly if that's what you're more interested in.

00:00 - Intro... pirates, BARQ, and shame nun
02:56 - Ground rules for music ratings
05:33 - SF Game 6
07:53 - SF Game 5
10:00 - SF Game 4
13:35 - SF Game 3
16:55 - SF Game 2
20:25 - SF Game 1

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