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Here's the place, date and time Guilty Gear Strive will likely receive its next DLC character reveal

E3 may have been dry for fighting game news, but TGS looks like they're going to deliver

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 16, 2021 at 6:11 a.m. PDT • Comments: 9

Jack-O released as the second DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive just a little over a few weeks ago, but we may soon be looking at fighter three already in the very near future.

You see, there's a certain big gaming event starting up before the end of the month, which is looking like the best place for Arc System Works to showcase who's coming next to Strive for a few reasons.

That event is of course Tokyo Game Show 2021, and it'll begin on September 29 for those of us in the West.

What makes TGS the most likely place to see the final new Strive fighter of the year is in part due to fact that ArcSys will be holding their own stream presentation on the final day.

At 9 p.m. PT on October 2, the ASW Special Program will begin, which is going to feature the "latest information" on River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, River City Girls 2 and you guessed it — Guilty Gear Strive.

Now, this isn't direct confirmation that a new trailer is going to drop during the stream, but the context surrounding the timing appears to bolster the chances greatly.

While the latest roadmap for Strive's DLC releases doesn't contain a launch window outside of 2021, ArcSys said in their last Developer's Backyard the team plans to have Strive's second balance update "around October."

Since the first re-balancing attempt dropped in the same update as Jack-O, it's a fairly safe bet number two will also be alongside a new character release.

That isn't a sealed and done deal, however, considering other recent ArcSys-developed fighters like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Granblue Fantasy: Versus have received similar patches without DLC launches.

If they were already planning to drop a character around a similar timeframe, like we know they are, it makes the most sense to combine them both though to extra submissions for certification.

As for who the next character will be, we already got two prominent inclusions from Story Mode between Goldlewis or Jack-O, so it seems probable that Happy Chaos or Asuka R. Kreutz is next in line.

We'll just have to wait a few weeks and find out.

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