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Number 1 ranked Anji Mito player doesn't think his biggest buff really amounted to much but it's far from all bad

Not buff enough?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 11, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 4

Anji Mito is a bit of an odd case for Guilty Gear Strive since while his auto-guarding moves seem nice on paper in such an offense-focused game, they often leave him easy to read and ironically counter.

Arc System Works attempted to fix him up with some decent buffs in the latest balance patch, but AnimeIlluminati's PG|Jiyuna released a video detailing why Jiro, the number one ranked Anji player in Strive, believes one of the most notable changes ultimately didn't really help him much at all — though that's not to say he didn't get better.

The big thing many people pointed to of Anji's improvements boils down to his ability to now cancel out of Fujin at any point, especially on whiff, into all of his follow-ups.

In practice, however, Jiro says according to Jiyuna that using the whiff Fujin in neutral isn't really a viable option at all. Doing so leaves Anji completely open during the duration because there's no hitbox or guardpoint on anything until the follow-up comes out, meaning he's still screwed if his opponent hits a button at all.

Where it does come into much better use, however, is using this kara Fujin in block strings since the other player can no longer just sit back, block Fujin and easily react to the follow-up afterwards.

You can check out Jiyuna's full video below for a more detailed explanation and examples plus why Jiro thinks far standing Slash and fan toss are actually Anji's best buffs.

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