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SonicSol releases new tier list for Guilty Gear Strive but fears the game is becoming stale

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 9, 2021 at 6:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 36

Guilty Gear Strive released just about three months ago at this point where it almost immediately became the biggest launch in the franchise's 23-year history, but does it have enough steam to keep that momentum going past this initial window?

Competitive I-No player SonicSol recently released his new tier list for Strive encompassing the latest balance update and Jack-O's arrival though at the same time states he feels the game is "starting to become extremely stale."

Those sentiments seem to carry over to his thoughts on the top tier characters in the game considering SonicSol labels them as "characters that remove interaction."

Of course that bracket includes the likes of Sol Badguy, Leo and Ramlethal, but some may be surprised to see Mr. Potemkin up there as well now.

Though his character did receive some nice buffs in the patch, SonicSol still has I-No in the A+ tier alongside the latest DLC character.

It doesn't seem like the changes to Anji and Faust were enough to really change his mind either.

While I personally don't share the exact same sentiments about the current state of Strive, it is easily understandable why SonicSol and many other players are falling out of love with it now, despite the balance changes.

The more restrictive Gatling and canceling systems compared to the previous games can make a good chunk of the cast feel like they play pretty much the same no matter who is in the steering wheel.

Much of Strive's personal expression and creativity comes from the overhauled Roman Cancel system, which we often times only see once or twice around because of its meter cost and how many different ways that meter can be used.

While SonicSol is hopeful that the October balance changes will freshen the game up more, I'd also prefer to see the RC system open up more by only needing 1/3 Tension gauge instead of half. Hell, if Arc System Works is committed to keeping the core gameplay mostly as is, tone down the damage some and make Roman Cancels only use 1/4 meter.

You can check out SonicSol's full tier list rankings for Strive below.

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