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Offline Guilty Gear Strive tournament hit with multiple slowdown issues in grand finals but a simple fix can hopefully avoid them

PSA: Turn Supersampling Mode off

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 7, 2021 at 5:01 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

With the PlayStation 4 Pro version of Guilty Gear Strive recently receiving a substantial cut to its input lag, players were hopeful the console would provide a strong tournament standard for offline events... but then this past weekend happened.

'Not' Super TSB showcased a ton of great action and also the game slowing down to a crawl on multiple occasions.

Nowere was this more noticeable than the grand finals set between MST|Hotashi and Rize|K7 Showoff where their matches would suddenly go down to like a third of its usual speed for a few seconds during different games.

Each of these instances of slowdown occurred during a heavy counter hit, which normally slows the game already for added dramatic effect, and certainly caught the attention of the commentators and viewers โ€” and obviously the players too.

This issue had popped up a number of times prior to the event, so players were already digging for a potential solution and hopefully already sniffed out the root cause.

Saunic and other players discovered these instances of the game chugging along appear to only happen when the PS4 Pro's Supersampling Mode enabled.

Supersampling allows the beefed up PS4 to produce better image quality on TVs and monitors with a 1080p or less native resolution, but the setting in the system's menu does warn that turning it on can lead to changes in frame rate or other unintended side effects.

So, to avoid running into this issue for yourself, all you should need to do is go into the PS4 Pro's Video Output Settings and make sure Supersampling is turned off. That's it.

Players on 4K or 1440p screens do not need to worry about this feature at all, however, as it cannot be enabled when already running at a higher resolution.

In our own testing, we were unable to recreate the severe amount of slowdown seen at the tournament under similar circumstances, so the issue doesn't look to be all that consistent with Supersampling on.

This fix should mean that PS4 Pro can remain as a reliable tournament standard going forward, so tournament organizers shouldn't be scrambling to try and find PlayStation 5s right now.

We'll just be keeping a close eye on Sony's hardware to see if the slowdown or other problems arise when the settings are being used correctly.

Hopefully Arc System Works can address the issue in a future update too, so players and TOs don't need to worry at all about the console they're using.

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