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7 Resident Evil costumes we're still waiting to see in Street Fighter 5

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 19, 2021 at 8:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 24

Street Fighter 5 has dozens of crossover costumes available at this point, but Capcom has so many iconic characters that there's still dozens more who deserve a spot — especially their most popular horror franchise.

With the recent tease of more Resident Evil-related announcements coming and Halloween right around the corner, we figured now is the perfect time to explore the zombie hunters and Biohazard monsters that are still waiting for their chance to fight and who would best portray them.

We've come up with seven characters in total spanning from the beginning with Chris Redfield all the way to Resident Evil Village and Lady Dimitrescu.

There's other suggestions like crafting Hunk into Nash that are also great, but don't quite make the list here.

Let's kick things off with the one that seems like the most perfect crossover there could be.

Claire Redfield - Akira

Aside from both being pretty badass ladies, Akira and Claire share quite a bit in common that makes them the best pairing we can imagine.

They both love riding motorcycles and have bulky older brothers for starters, and that's all we really need to say.

Sure Akira may be on the shorter side, but just imagining seeing Chris drop down from the skies in her V-Trigger is way more than enough to sell us on the idea.

Nemesis - Abigail

Capcom may have already given us a villain in Wesker for Urien, but they are still holding out on any real iconic monsters from Resident Evil.

Placing Nemesis into SF5 as Abigail seems as good as we're going to get with both of them being hulking in size and stature.

Ironically, the Final Fight baddie is almost a foot taller than the genetically engineered S.T.A.R.S. hunter and even more muscular though I doubt anyone would care much if we could see it in action.

Sagat would also be a great choice, especially since he's already missing his eye too

Leon S. Kennedy - Lucia

This pick might be a bit more odd to some people, but Leon is one of the faces of the franchise — and genderbending him may be our best option to find a good fit in Street Fighter.

Both he and Lucia are cops and love to kick people (or zombies) in the face.

We can definitely picture Lucia wanting to dress up as Leon for Halloween if given the chance.

Lady Dimitrescu - Rose

Lady D started quite a firestorm around the internet after her reveal for RE Village, and Capcom would be silly not to capitalize on her popularity more.

Though she's a bit of a monster herself, Dimitrescu still carries a sense of sensual elegance about her, and Rose seems to fit the bill for that as well.

We doubt they'd go through the trouble of replacing the fortune teller's scarf attacks with Lady Dimitrescu's extending claws, but it'd be damn cool if they did.

Mr. X - G

Both of these guys only have one letter in their names and love punching people where they aren't looking. What more could you ask for?

G already has a similar costume available in SF5 with his story outfit, so it really wouldn't be too difficult to make the conversion.

Some of Mr. X's punches in the RE2 Remake reminded us of some of G's attacks too upon first playing though it is funny to think of the silent Tyrant suddenly spouting a bunch of nonsensical speeches.

Chris Redfield - Guile / Ryu

As one of the first protagonists of the entire series alongside Jill Valentine, Chris certainly deserves some more love from Capcom here, but we have a hard time picking who exactly he fits with.

On one hand, we'd argue that Ryu would probably be the best match for his appearance while Guile's military discipline and personality are certainly better in those regards.

Either way it'd be interesting to see Chris chucking fireballs instead of shooting guns for once.

Rebecca Chambers - Sakura

While Akira and Claire may be the perfect fit in terms of ancillary details, Rebecca and Sakura take the cake in terms of appearance.

Capcom wouldn't really need to do much at all to make Sakura into the other young prodigy with their near identical builds and hair styles.

We just hope that doesn't mean Urien sits around with a photo of Sakura in his desk.

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