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The Injustice animated film is now available but fans and critics aren't exactly loving it

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 19, 2021 at 2:08 p.m. PDT • Comments: 17

The Injustice franchise is one of DC's most successful over the past decade spawning a multitude of fighting games and comic book runs, so it was only a matter of time before it made the jump to film — but is the adaptation worthy of the name.

Now that the Injustice animated movie is officially out in the wild, we've rounded up a number of reviews from fans and critics on Superman's downfall though most of them weren't feeling super about it.

Starting out with the positives, most of the reviews praise some of the spectacle and fights of the film. Some enjoyed the brutal violence carried over from the fighting games though others found it hollow without a deeper meaning behind characters getting offed on screen.

The voice cast appears to have done a great job overall with some standouts being Justin Hartley's Superman, Anson Mount's Batman and Oliver Hudson's Plastic Man.

Pacing seems to be the biggest complaint lobbed at the adaptation with most reviewers feeling DC tried to cram too much into only 78 minutes.

This apparently leads to characters not having the time needed to grow or develop and instead flip like a switch when the plot requires it.

Even a few major character deaths (that are different than the source material) are said to be simply brushed off and never spoken about again after they occur.

The general consensus seems to agree that Injustice would have been better served as a limited series or split into two or three films, which kinda sounds about right.

You can check out a number of reviews from around the internet below and their final ratings on how Injustice stacks up to the comics and other recent DC animated films.

Injustice Review Roundup

IGN - 4/10

Austin Burke - 2.5/5

Movieweb - "Injustice is a stand-alone adventure that had promise, but just doesn't measure up. It needed to advance the source material and not just emulate its violence."

Lyles Movie Files - 6/10

flickering Myth - 3/5

The Red Arrow - B-

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