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'Heidern has always been there pushing the story along... he plays a major role in this title as well' — KoF15 lead designer

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • October 19, 2021 at 6:19 a.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Heidern's trailer for King of Fighters 15 was recently released. We knew the character had a presence as he appears on the official box art for the game, and his silhouette is simple to identify thanks to his iconic beret.

As he has done with previous characters, King of Fighter 15's lead designer, Tomohiro Nakata, left some comments talking about Heidern. He also created left fans with a cool sketch of Heidern.

"From the very beginnings of the King of Fighters franchise, Heidern has always been there pushing the story along, and his position in KoF15 is no different as he plays a major role in this title as well," begun Nakata.

Indeed, Heidern made his debut appearance in King of Fighters '94. Since then, the character has established connections with many characters like Leona (his adopted daughter), Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Whip, Vanessa, Seth, Ramon, Blue Mary and many more.

"Heidern is a zoner-type character known for his long-reaching normals and giant projectiles. In KoF14, would down standing opponents, but that's not the case anymore," said Nakata. "To balance that out, his heavy punch Stinger now hits crouching opponents and can even be comboed from. The EX version can also combo off light normals if close enough, allowing you to get some extra damage in."

Nakata then continues on to explain how it's now easier for Heidern in King of Fighters 15 to inflict damage while up close. This is to help make up for his projectiles no longer downing opponents on hit.

"Also, his overhead attack Shooter Narnagel went from a 2-hit attack to 1-hit, but his recovery has been dramatically reduced," added Nakata. "There are other changes that make him easier to get damage in, so please look forward to playing him when the game comes out."

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