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Sora is now available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 18, 2021 at 6:08 p.m. PDT • Comments: 5

After nearly three years since its original release and continual support, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is pulling into its final destination.

Kingdom Hearts' Sora is now available to play as the final Smash Ultimate DLC character once players download the Version 13.0.0 update along with a new stage and Mii Fighter costumes.

Director Masahiro Sakurai stated in his character breakdown that Sora would be more straight forward than many of the previous DLC fighters like Kazuya and Steve, so the Keyblade wielder should be easier to pick up and play with a more general sword-character moveset.

One of his biggest defining characteristics though is how floaty he is, so Sora should have near complete control of the skies during battle.

Though he's on the lighter side, he can use his up special into triple side special to recover pretty much no matter where he's launched to.

Like previous characters, Sora comes with the Hollow Bastion stage crafted after the first Kingdom Heart game though it transforms into a very familiar and cool setting once players are down to their final stocks.

Separately, three final Mii Fighter outfits are available to purchase between the Doomslayer, Octolings and Judd from Splatoon for $1 each.

Sora is included in the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 for $25 or by himself for $6.

The Version 13.0.0 update will likely include balance changes which will be included in a separate story once the patch notes are available.

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