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Red Bull used a 2000-year-old Roman theatre as their Guilty Gear Strive tournament venue for a one-of-a-kind show

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 16, 2021 at 5:36 p.m. PDT • Comments: 5

We've all seen fighting game tournaments take place in hotel ballrooms, giant eSports arenas and even an Olympic stadium or two, but what about an actual World Heritage Site built thousands of years ago?

Red Bull Gladiators 2021 pulled off something special this weekend by holding their Guilty Gear Strive tournament in a Roman empire-era theatre, and the sight is certainly something to behold.

While the energy drink company is generally known for their high-budget gaming event productions, this is something else.

Some of the best Strive players across Europe were escorted onto the stone stage by men dressed as gladiators to square off in some Guilty Gear where ancient Romans would go to watch plays of their own.

Mystic, BarryBones, Alioune, Oplon|Skyll, MGF|KenDeep, RL|Uriel, Dan(dy) and WIZ|GenisGod managed to advance to the top 8 to compete with a backdrop of statues and columns built as far back as 15 B.C.E., which must have been a surreal feeling to take part in.

The action itself was also great with Dan(dy) putting in work with Goldlewis, Alioune showcasing what his Millia is capable of, and KenDeep vs. GenisGod coming down to a wild game nine in a first-to-five set.

Red Bull lit up the Roman Theatre of Mérida with their signature red and blue-colored lights as the crowd chanted for their favorite warriors doing battle, which certainly adds to the atmosphere.

This cool event is one that the competitors will likely never forget, and in a way, etches fighting games into world history.

We recommend checking the full, special event out on Red Bull Spain's Twitch archive. We've also included the final results below, which obviously contains spoilers if you plan to watch for yourself and want to be surprised.

Guilty Gear Strive — Results

1. OP|Skyll (Sol)
2. MGF|KenDeep (I-No)
3. RL|Uriel (Nagoriyuki)
3. Mystic (Axl)
5. BarryBones (Axl)
5. Dan(dy) (Goldlewis)
5. Alioune (Millia)
5. WIZ|GenisGod (Ramlethal)

Image via RedBullES.

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