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Here's what Street Fighter 5's V-Shift looks like in the hands of a master

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 14, 2021 at 6:15 p.m. PDT • Comments: 19

When Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition was updated back in February with its newest mechanic, V-Shift, players were both excited and skeptical that the fresh defensive maneuver would have a major impact on the game. Though SF5's pace seems to have slowed substantially from the offense-fest it has been in the past, not everyone has been sold on the effectiveness of V-Shift.

We've seen more than a few sentiments saying that the mechanic is rarely useful, and that it hasn't had the impact developers had hoped for. That said, BST|Fuudo, one of the strongest players on the planet, recently showed off some immaculate V-Shifting during Street Fighter League, and did so in a situation most all of us are all too familiar with.

While using Poison against Tachikawa's Rashid, Fuudo found himself in the all too familiar situation of having to deal with tornadoes while Rashid himself simultaneously flies in with other attacks.

This is most commonly see with V-Trigger 1, a single massive tornado that slowly moves across the screen, but V-Trigger 2 enhances Mr. Of the Turbulent Wind's standard projectiles to function in a somewhat similar way.

As Tachikawa tried to make his traditionally safe approaches, Fuudo simply used V-Shift and V-Shift Break to thwart them. Both Vicious and RZR|Xian couldn't help but both get hype and exclaim at the masterful use of the new mechanic.

Now that we've had V-Shift for more than half a year, how are you feeling about it? Do you find yourself using it frequently while playing, and does it come in at crucial moments for either you or your opponent? Share with us your most clutch and clever V-Shift stories in the comments.

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