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Iori received some nerfs while Shun'ei and Mai are busy flying around the screen in The King of Fighters 15 according to pro's breakdown

That doesn't mean Yagami is worse for wear though

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 13, 2021 at 11:36 a.m. PDT • Comments: 3

After literal years of waiting in anticipation, some players finally got to try out The King of Fighters 15 for themselves at Tokyo Game Show where they got time to test out the cast and new mechanics available.

Longtime KOF pro KCE|Dune recently released his second impressions breakdown for KOF15 where he covers what's new and strong for Shun'ei, Iori and Mai.

The current protagonist of the series comes packing a brand new air dash command that allows him to fly horizontally forward, vertically straight down or down at a 45-degree angle.

Dune says he's not sure how effective this dash is going to be in real matches, but it looks like a potential scary mixup tool to open people up, especially since Shun'ei can travel at three different trajectories.

He also has access to a new command normal with forward A. While it's range is limited, Shun'ei's elbow can combo into itself or loop back to it after performing certain specials, so it looks incredibly versatile. Oh, and it's apparently an overhead too.

Aquaspear has been sped up to be a good poke / hit confirm tool while Blau Wing may be safe on block to open more doors for pressure.

Some of Iori's attacks have seen nerfs compared to his KOF14 version to either their damage or frame data, but he also received some new combo routes and options to try and make up for that.

Having access to EX moves at all times is a big benefit to the Yagami with EX Kuzukaze being invincible against attacks and EX Kototsuki able to tack on some extra damage to downed enemies.

As for Mai, her mobility and zoning options are apparently pretty top notch in the demo, and her sliding kick 3D has returned.

The slide can't be canceled into from lights but is doable from strong attacks, and is then special cancellable from its early hit.

Like Iori, Mai also greatly benefits from the option to use EX specials at all times with Dune noting EX Ryuenbu is great for combos and EX Kachosen easily sets up pressure or mixup situations.

You can check out Dune's excellent character guide and breakdown below, and he also released a previous part covering Kyo and Terry, who the pro believes are the best fighters to begin learning KOF15 with.

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