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Luke is now available as the final DLC character of Street Fighter 5

The future is now the present but also the past?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 28, 2021 at 9:04 p.m. PST • Comments: 21

Although his existence had only been known about for a few months, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players were interested to see how Luke would close out the roster of the game, and now that day has finally come.

Luke is now available to purchase and use as SF5's last DLC character, who also serves as a glimpse into the future of what's on the horizon for the series.

We may have the chance to take him for a spin now, but Street Fighter 5's developers have already confirmed Luke will play a larger role in the next project in the series, likely serving as the new protagonist like Alex, Abel and Rashid before him.

It's still unclear whether any of his attacks or mechanics are hints towards what Capcom is planning for Street Fighter 6 (or whatever it's going to be called), but he does include a few aspects unique to only him.

Both of Luke's V-Triggers do not drain the V-Gauge while simply active and will instead replenish over time or when he lands hits.

Conversely, taking damage will drain Luke's V-Timer as does using VT-specific attacks, so he can essentially stay in V-Trigger forever so long as he doesn't get hit and manages meter correctly.

This seems to be a way to force confrontation and keep both players active, which could be something Capcom may want to press more towards in Street Fighter 6 as a whole or just for Luke.

The final fighter also has access to a unique button-hold mechanic for his Flash Knuckle special too, which you can learn more about in our gameplay breakdown for Luke.

As is the case for the other fighter releases this year, Luke is available as part of SF5's Season 5 Character Pass and Premium Pass which are both currently on sale on PlayStation and Steam — and also come with their Battle Costumes.

Alternatively, players can bust out the Fight Money one last time to unlock him for 100,000 FM or pay $6 if they don't care about getting all of the characters.

You can check out Luke's new gameplay trailer below.

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