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Luke's gameplay breakdown shows him to be a powerful in-your-face bruiser for Street Fighter 5, release date revealed

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 23, 2021 at 3:22 p.m. PST • Comments: 64

After waiting a handful of months now since his original reveal, Capcom finally showed Street Fighter 5 players what Luke is all about as the final DLC character.

The newcomer world warrior's gameplay breakdown appears to show that of a powerful in-your-face bruiser with some unique aspects, and we'll get to play him in less than a week.

Luke will be releasing on November 29 for Season Pass 5 holders and those who wish to pick him up solo.

His general gameplan is to stay up close and personal to his opponents and can close the range with all three of his punches moving him forward.

The specials and V-System at Luke's disposal are almost all centered around landing bit, heavy-hitting strikes, but the way his V-Triggers work is perhaps most interesting of all.

Capcom also showcased that he has two powerful target combos at his disposal. "Triple Impact" is performed by hitting light punch, medium punch and heavy punch while "Snapback Combo" can be landed by hitting four medium punches.

Flash Knuckle

"Flash Knuckle" is said to be Luke's signature move that can be used as both a combo starter or extender.

Each version of the strike has different ranges and uses with the heavy punch traveling nearly half-screen.

Holding down the punch button allows Luke to charge up the attack and create meterless wall bounces and juggle opportunities.

Sand Blaster

Luke's punching projectile in SF5 is named "Sand Blaster" which allows him to still fight effectively from a distance.

The EX version can be used to counter opposing fireballs.

An even flashier and more damaging version of Sand Blaster can be used in V-Trigger 1.

Rising Rocket

Luke does indeed have an uppercut special called "Rising Rocket."

The move appears to be a strong combo ender option and will likely serve as an EX reversal.


The young military man has access to a forward-moving command dash "Avenger," which includes two follow-up options.

"No Chaser" is a shoulder tackle performed by pressing a punch button during the dash that can lead into combos.

"Impaler," on the other hand, is an overhead wheel kick with some range to open up opponents trying to block low.

Hard Shot

Luke's first V-Skill is called "Hard Shot" and sees him take a moment to power up before growing those Popeye-esque forearms so many of us noted from his reveal trailer. Once Hard Shot has been activated, Luke will no longer need to charge up "Flash Knuckle" to use it... though he still can.

If Luke still charges up Flash Knuckle with his VS1 active, he'll perform an even stronger version of the attack that does more damage and that can lead into bigger combos.


Luke's second V-Skill is called "Suppressor" and acts as a counter to throws (including command grabs). While not all that quick on start up and thus not a great defensive option, Luke's VS2 looks to be most effective when he sniffs out a foe's decision to try to tech. One has to wonder if this V-Skill might even take the place of shimmying for this particular character.


Luke's V-Triggers are relatively straightforward, but function in a unique way from the rest of the cast in that they can refill as he does damage and don't drain unless he is hit or uses particular V-Trigger attacks. The idea here is to stop opponents from simply backing off and trying to wait out the clock while his VTs are active.

V-Trigger 1 is called "Fully Armed" and gives Luke access to those rapid projectile attacks we saw in his trailer. You'll perform these by pressing HP+HK after activating VT1, and doing so normally causes Luke to toss out three projectiles.

If you perform Luke's EX Sandblaster while VT1 is active and then press HP+HK, he'll perform the extremely damaging "Thermobaric Thrash." This requires both EX and V-Trigger gauge, but packs a very powerful punch.

V-Trigger 2 is called "Vanguard" and allows Luke to cancel Flash Knuckle into additional Flash Knuckle attacks. It seems this Trigger is intended to be paired with V-Skill 1, and can ultimately allow for extended combos.

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