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We'll likely be seeing Luke in Street Fighter 6 as Capcom confirms him for their next project

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 26, 2021 at 3:32 p.m. PST • Comments: 44

When Luke was first revealed back in August, Capcom included messaging that stated the Street Fighter 5 newcomer would be giving us glimpses into the future of the franchise, heavily implying his continued presence into a Street Fighter 6. Today's showcase brought with it more such messaging as Producer Shuhei Matsumoto directly noted that Luke would be back in their next Street Fighter project.

Indeed, Street Fighter 5 developers have been repeatedly bringing up the future of the franchise in their recent updates, and the picture is now coming together to a greater degree than ever before.

The PlayStation Blog post that went up right after Luke's latest showcase is titled "Meet the future of Street Fighter, SF5’s final character: Luke," and includes "...Luke, who will be a key player in the next Street Fighter project. We’re not ready to talk about that just yet..." in its introduction.

It's unofficial, but word on the street is that Capcom did not plan to develop a fifth season for Street Fighter 5, but did so after development on Street Fighter 6 hit a fairly major snag. With that in mind paired with a good bit of messaging about Luke's importance and his being a key player, it could quite possibly be the case that Luke was initially (and still is) intended as Street Fighter 6's main character.

It doesn't take much stretch of the imagination to conclude that Capcom is likely showing off and/or testing some of their plans for Street Fighter 6 here in the final chapters of SF5 via this character that would link the two.

The latest showing revealed some interesting mechanical differences Luke boasts over his Street Fighter 5 roster mates. His V-Trigger, for instance, does not behave like the others as it does not deplete based on time. In fact, his active VT gauge will increase when he lands attacks and decrease when he's either hit or uses VT specific maneuvers.

What's more, Luke has a throw counter in his V-Skill 2 and what appears to be a negative-edge-based follow up to his main attack "Flash Knuckle." The developers were sure to point out a few times just how unique Luke's mechanics will be during the presentation.

We also received new details on Capcom Cup 2021, which will be a week long event that plays out in February of 2022. Events of Capcom Cup's magnitude virtually always come with big news and announcements, and with Street Fighter 5's entire roster revealed, we have to consider the strong potential for a Street Fighter 6 reveal.

You can view the entire presentation for yourself via the embed below. It's worthwhile to rewatch as there are likely some details you may have missed during the hype and excitement of the first time through.

The all of the above fresh in your noggin, the consistent messaging about the future of the Street Fighter franchise and Luke's prominent role in it is very apparent. You'll note the stream even ends with the text, "We'll be back with more news about the future of Street Fighter."

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