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New Project L details and gameplay revealed by Riot Games

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 20, 2021 at 3:55 p.m. PST • Comments: 71

It's been two years since we first and last saw brief glimpses of Project L, but now it's finally time to see a good chunk more.

To close out their Undercity Nights event today, Riot Games re-introduced the League of Legends spin-off fighting game with a lot more details and gameplay footage.

After a brief introduction from Tom and Tony Cannon of Radiant Entertainment, they reveal Project L is now a 2v2 tag team fighting game with assists in a similar fashion to titles like Marvel vs. Capcom.

There are four characters on display in the gameplay footage between Jinx, Ekko, Ahri and Darius with a large focus put on the time-bending assassin.

It appears as though the game will indeed use simplified inputs for specials using a dedicated button plus a direction to perform actions, but that doesn't mean it won't have any depth.

The footage shows off a number of extended and fairly complex looking combos and setups for each of the fighters, especially Ekko's ability to rewind his position to continue pressure, back off or use a different attack.

As the original creators of GGPO and rollback netcode, the Cannons are setting their goal for creating the best online experience available for fighting games.

Unsurprisingly, Project L will indeed use rollback as a base, but is building on top of it with the company's existing technology including Riot Direct, their own networking service used to reduce latency in other titles like League and Valorant.

They also make a point to say player connections are going to be actively monitored and that a user with a poor connection will be the only one to feel the adverse effects during play.

That also goes for rage quit penalties and rewarding wins too.

As for the progress of development, core gameplay, mechanics, controls, and other aspects are good, but the team still needs to build up the roster, stages, menus and interface before it's ready for the public.

There still is not a solid release window given for Project L, but they promise at least two updates will be coming in 2022 to show off where the game is at — and maybe get a more finalized name.

You can check out the new Project L showcase video below. More details can be found on Riot's website.

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