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Street Fighter Director reveals the name of Neo Shadaloo's gorilla while Ed's was apparently a mistake

It's the Baba Yaga!

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 8, 2021 at 8:10 p.m. PST • Comments: 37

Before the whole time travel shenanigans and what's up with G, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Street Fighter 5's story was the formation and membership of Neo Shadaloo.

Now over four years after the organization was originally revealed, we now know a lot more about Neo Shadaloo, the gorilla in its ranks and Ed thanks to SF5 Director Takayuki Nakayama.

The director recently had an in-depth Twitter conversation about the story of SF5 with a Japanese fan called Io Housenka where a ton of new information was revealed.

One of the most interesting revelations of the bunch is that of the gorilla's name, which had remained a secret since he was originally shown in Ed's character story.

"Well, let me give you some special information then... The gorilla's name is Baba Muarim (or Mwalimu), and he is extremely smart (in particular areas)," wrote Nakayama as translated by our own Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor.

The only image of Neo Shadaloo's main members

Baba Mwalimu is apparently pulled from Swahili and translates to 'father teacher', so that seems to fit quite well with his intellect.

On top of that, Nakayama also let slip that each of the four main members of Neo Shadaloo are imbued with a particular portion of M. Bison's power.

Ed inherited Bison's ability to emit Psycho Power from his body, Falke obtained the power to inject Psycho Power into objects, Baba received Bison's wisdom and intelligence, and the still-unnamed member has the ability to teleport.

The villain apparently split his powers so that he could revive in some fashion and continue fighting.

As for that last Neo Shadaloo member, the director teases that his name begins with 'G' though won't say how many letters are in it.

On the subject of naming characters, Nakayama reveals the origins behind Ed's name in Street Fighter 4 and how it was originally a mistake.

"Oh and I just remembered, the origin of Ed's name," wrote Nakayama. "Our designer had him jotted down in his notes as 'The boy from the ED (ending)', and that got mistaken by someone who read the note as ED being his name. We started thinking 'Hey, that's kinda cool' and decided to use it as his name."

Our first time seeing Ed in Balrog's Street Fighter 4 ending

He doesn't elaborate as to whether Ed had a different development name at some point, but considering the note, it was probably still undecided at the time.

It'll be quite interesting to see if and how Ed and Neo Shadaloo's story arcs progress in the next Street Fighter title.

Although they share their name with the criminal organization, Neo Shadaloo's stated goal is to undo as much of the pain inflicted upon the world by Bison as they can.

Considering Oro's character story revealed Bison's shadow still lingers, that could be motivation enough for Ed's crew to take part in the impending conflict.

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