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Oro and Akira have a really strong chance of releasing at the same time in Street Fighter 5

Do we have another double feature blockbuster on our hands

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 29, 2021 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 25

Only three characters remain to be released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's final season of content though that number could drop down to one pretty quickly.

Oro and Akira are both scheduled to drop at some point this summer, and judging by SF5's previous seasons, there's a really strong chance they'll hit the stage at the same time — which may be a bit later than initially thought.

Going back through the game's prior DLC, three out of the four older seasons all released multiple characters together, and not only that but they were also in the summer.

Starting off with the initial six, Ibuki and Balrog both landed on the scene in July of 2016, although their situation was a bit different than the others since Ibuki was previously supposed to release the previous month.

Season 2 was the only one to break this pattern with Abigail and Menat launching separately, but they were still fairly close together at only a month apart as opposed to the previous norm of two-month gaps.

The double feature came back the next year with G and Sagat both releasing after Evo that year, and then Season 4 of course saw the most characters hit the game at one time with E. Honda, Poison and Lucia dropping in August.

If we go back to the roadmap for SF5 released by Capcom, Akira and Oro are actually listed differently from the rest of Season 5.

Those two are the only characters to share a box, which could be another indicator the hermit and Rival Schools representative will join the fight together.

Should this turn out to be the case and we get characters three and four together, that means our initial prediction for Oro's release will likely not come to pass.

Oro by himself would presumably be on track to release at some point in June given the two-month window between Dan and Rose previously.

None of these multi-launches popped up in June, however, so we'd probably be waiting until July or August to get new characters.

Since this is the final season of new content for SF5, it would also make sense that Capcom would want to stretch out their content launches enough to keep interest high until at least the fall — so there's probably just as good of a chance Akira and Oro will become playable a few months apart like the others.

Compared to what we saw with Dan and Rose's first showings, Oro appeared to be much more polished in terms of his character model and visual effects while Akira didn't look quite as far along.

If Oro's development is finished by June, it probably would make the most sense to just release the SF3 veteran then and break the pattern again though all of that remains to be seen.

Capcom did pretty much promise we'll be seeing a lot more of Oro and Akira in a summer update event, so we could be learning the answers to all of these questions any day now.

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