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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Version 2.6 patch notes released

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 20, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 11

We're just a few days away from the next Power Rangers Battle for the Grid update in which we'll be getting a new balance for many of the game's characters as well as a pair of Street Fighter characters as Ryu and Chun-Li will be joining in Ranger form.

Though this update won't officially roll out until May 25, developers have already posted patch notes. Players on Xbox may already be able to see some of these coming characters in their version of the game, but will not have full access to them until the patch goes live on Tuesday.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Version 2.6 Patch Notes

Major Improvements
• CPU AI has been dramatically improved and a CPU Difficulty setting has been added to the Settings menu.
- CPU Difficulty affects Arcade, Story, and Versus (CPU) modes.
- CPU AI now moves around and behaves more naturally.
• Lord Drakkon’s Throne Room (Story) and Command Center (Story) are now selectable stages.

Presentation Improvements
• Camera effects improved on Throws, EX Attacks, Swap Strikes, and Supers.
• Visual effect and dramatic super pause added to Super activations (i.e., “pre-flash pause”)
• Slight character shake effect added to character attacks (during hitpause).
• BGM Mode has been added to the Audio Settings menu, with options of Normal and Random (plays any stage BGM, regardless of stage selected).

Bug Fixes
• Inflicting a “Super pause” against an incoming character no longer causes erratic behavior. I.e., performing a Super after KO-ing a character no longer causes the next incoming character to ignore Super pause.

All Characters
• Fixed a hitbox interaction issue with MZ Ultra activation (meaty throws versus MZ Ultra no longer causes erratic behavior)

• Goldar Tackle (Forward Special) total frame count increased from 65 to 73 to address a true infinite combo.

Dragon Armor Trini
• Jet Rush (Back Special): DAT now becomes projectile invincible on frame 19, down from 45.
• Missile Charge (Forward Special) is now cancelable (on hit or block) into Dragon Pound.
• Mega Launch (EX Attack): follow-up blasts are now guaranteed to land regardless of distance.
• Trini Megabeam (Neutral Special): fixed an issue that caused DAT's Megabeam to deal excessive block damage.

Ranger Slayer
• Pterotumble Attack (EX Attack): fixed an issue with Ranger Slayer's facing direction in certain situations (now auto-corrects… correctly).

Tommy Oliver
• Dragonzord Missile Assault (Super): cinematic startup can no longer be interrupted (“pre-flash” is invincible).

Jason Lee Scott
• Forward throw is now cancelable into Triple Slice.
• Back Roll (Back Special): each blaster shot is now cancelable into special versions of Triple Slice 2. E.g., back special > special > forward special > forward special.

Cenozoic Blue Ranger
• Portal Engine (Super): physics box adjustments to accommodate mid-screen hits.
• Cenoball (Assist): durability increased significantly.

Jen Scotts
• Fixed an issue where Jen Scotts’s position changed erratically when she’s hit in specific situations.
• Standing Medium: hitbox height reduced slightly.
• Forecast: Rain (Assist): assist entrance starting position moved forward slightly, making it easier to hit her before she fires her missiles. Assist projectile homing capability reduced slightly.
• Time Force Combination (EX Attack): follow-up shots are now guaranteed to land regardless of distance.

Trey of Triforia
• Wrath of Pyramidas (Super): cinematic startup can no longer be interrupted (“pre-flash”) is invincible.

Magna Defender
• Normal attacks: Magna Defender can now perform Light > Medium > Heavy chains.

• Health reduced to 950, down from 1000.
• Soulshredder (Back Special follow-up): attack property has been fixed; is no longer an unblockable attack.
• TK Sting (Assist): projectiles are now destroyed if their owner (Scorpina) is successfully hit. Each projectile applies 2 points of combo damage scaling, up from 1 each, reducing follow-up combo damage significantly.
• Standing Heavy 1: damage reduced to 70, from 80.
• Standing Heavy 2: damage reduced to 70, from 80.

Robert “RJ” James
• Lunar Cyclone (Super): raw damage reduced from 480 to 450.
• Knee Crush (Jumping Special): reduced initial jump height. Decreased total travel range and drop speed. Reduced blockstun from 27 frames to 21 (always jab punishable).
• Wolf Crush (Jumping Special follow-up): reduced blockstun from 27 frames to 21 (i.e., punishable with most light attacks).
• Standing Light: total damage reduced from 60 to 40.
• Standing Medium: total damage reduced from 60 to 40.
• Crouching Medium: no longer ignores the juggle limiter.
• Standing Light and Standing Medium: now boost the juggle limiter gauge slightly.

Lauren Shiba
• Health reduced to 950, down from 1000.
• Sakura Strike (Assist): projectiles are now destroyed if their owner (Lauren) is successfully hit.
• Standing Medium 1 and 2: added slight juggle limiter penalty.
• Crouching Heavy: total damage reduced from 90 to 80. Each hit now applies a point of scaling. Meter gain slightly reduced.
• Samurai Fire Detonate reworked
- Hitbox height reduced significantly.
- Speed increased significantly.
- No longer hits multiple times (now a one-hit crumple, dealing 70 damage). Spawns one vertical butterfly projectile, down from three.
- These changes are aimed to make Samurai Fire > Crouching Heavy sequences less oppressive against much of the cast.
• Samurai Symbol Power (Super): damage reduced from 500 to 470.

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