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Street Fighter 5's new balance update brings a number of significant changes to the cast

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 18, 2021 at 7:57 p.m. PDT • Comments: 161

Update: This story has now been updated with the complete patch notes for the the Ver. CE202105 release, which is available to players now.

We previously knew Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition would be going down for maintenance tonight, but we didn't know for what exactly before.

Capcom has released a new balance patch for SF5 now, which sees significant adjustments made to much of the game's cast.

This list of changes doesn't impact the entire cast, but it's pretty close to it with 33 characters in total including: Nash, Cammy, Birdie, Ken, Necalli, Vega, R. Mika, Rashid, Zangief, Laura, Dhalsim, F.A.N.G, Alex, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien, Akuma, Kolin, Abigail, Menat, Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, Sagat, Kage, E. Honda, Lucia, Gill, Seth, Dan and Rose.

As many probably suspected, Cammy was one of the characters hit with some nerfs in the new update following her recent Capcom Pro Tour tear, which includes some added recovery on whiff of some of her most-used moves.

Dan's infinite combo loop was also specifically targeted by the developers to be removed now though they improved his Gadoken somewhat too.

You can find the full list of patch notes below as well as the Shadaloo CRI website.


Alterations to V-Shift's offensive/defensive capabilities

Abilities granting invincibility or armor from the 1st frame, as well as low-risk or high-return moves invincible to throws have all been adjusted to have less effective throw invincibility.

Considering V-Shift's offensive and defensive capabilities, normal throws should have enough impact to reliably handle V-Shifts, but characters with the invincible abilities mentioned above had an easy way to deal with throws and strikes. This gave their defense such a strong advantage that offensive opponents struggled against it.

These adjustments seek to correct this issue.

Improvements to infrequently used V-Triggers and V-Skills

These general adjustments are a continuation of previous adjustments. While V-Skills and V-Triggers have already been adjusted overall, players tend to use one V-Skill and V-Trigger over the other, so we have further strengthened the techniques themselves and the moves that rely on their input.

Rebalancing of some characters

Some characters have been rebalanced in light of previous adjustments.

We have buffed characters who were lacking in strength or who were largely left alone in previous adjustments.

Characters with downward adjustments have not had their moves altered significantly; rather, the risks and returns of moves have been properly balanced.


Many of Abigail's adjustments consist of matching his hurtboxes more closely to his appearance, as there had been large differences between his movements and where the hurtboxes actually were. Abigail's standing and crouching medium punch both granted large returns on grounded hits and left few openings, and his medium/hard jump attacks forced opponents to make hasty anti-air decisions. We've extended his hurtboxes to better balance these moves.

We've adjusted EX Dynamite Punch due to its ability to inflict high combo damage when it hits, thus its whiff/block conditions and the V-Timer consumption of the follow-up favorite, Metro Crash, have been rebalanced accordingly.

We've also made improvements to the often unused follow-up from EX Giant Leap, as well as V-Skill II C'mon Spare Tire. Both of these moves are a bit limited in their use, but we altered them so that they'll easily give the player the advantage if they successfully land the attacks.

• Health Decreased from 1100 to 1075

• Jumping MP Extended the hurtbox before start-up.

• Jumping HP Extended the hurtbox before start-up.

• Jumping MK Extended the hurtbox before start-up.

• Jumping HK Extended the hurtbox before start-up.

• Crouching MP Extended the hurtbox during the move.

• Standing MP Extended the hurtbox during the move.

• EX Giant Flip
1) Increased follow-up damage from 70 to 90.
2) Reduced the 2nd follow-up attack's knockback distance.

• C'mon Spare Tire (V-Skill II)
1) Can now be canceled into on hit from normal and unique attacks.
2) Entire move reduced from 76F to 71F.

• EX Dynamite Punch
1) Added 20F to recovery time on whiff/block. (No change to stun on hit)
2) Adjusted the motion on whiff and block, and adjusted the hurtbox accordingly.

• Metro Crash (V-Trigger II) V-Timer cost increased from 1500F to 2500F only if canceled from EX Dynamite Punch.


Akuma's adjustments include fixing an issue where M. Tatsumaki Zankukyaku does not reach when crouching medium kick hits, and adjusting Kiai and Shiretsu Hasshi for both V-Skill II and V-Trigger II.

We've made Kiai easier to use and further distinguished it from V-Skill I Rakan by making it possible to cancel into from Kongoken, and by making the enhanced version of Sekia Goshoha, which could be activated at specific timing during the movement, available at any time. We've improved the combo count and knockback of exclusive special moves upon activation of Shiretsu Hasshi, making it possible to connect more special moves in a single combo and deal significant damage.

• Kongoken Can now be canceled with Kiai only on hit.

• M. Tatsumaki Zankukyaku Extended the hitbox forward when canceled into from crouching medium kick.

• EX Hyakki Gorasen Adjusted to have the same opponent knockback on hit as EX Airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.

• [V-Trigger II] Airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku Increased the combo count limit.

• [V-Trigger II] Zanku Hadoken Increased the combo count limit.

• [V-Trigger II] Hyakki Gorasen Adjusted to have the same opponent knockback on hit as V-Trigger II Airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.

• Kiai (V-Skill II) Reduced knockback distance on grounded hit.

• [V-Skill II] Sekia Goshoha Altered so when activated from Kiai, the enhanced version will be activated no matter the timing.


Alex's only adjustments consist of the movement value and weighted collision detection of special moves.

• EX Head Crush Changed the movement value before start-up, making it more difficult to leap over an opponent at close range.

• [V-Skill II] L. Air Stampede Made it harder to leap over the opponent when canceling from another special move at close range.


Balrog's adjustments pertain to Dirty Bomber and medium/hard Dash Straight.

We've altered Dirty Bomber to give Balrog a 2F disadvantage when stepping forward after the move.

Medium and hard Dash Straight had been given recovery times of -4F in a previous adjustment, but numerous characters had difficulty counterattacking even when interrupting with a block.

We determined that the risk was too low at mid to long-range, and increased its difficulty by decreasing its pushback on block, making counterattacks a bigger threat.

• Dirty Bomber (forward throw) Increased stun on hit by 1F.

• [Normal] Dash Straight (M./H.) Decreased pushback on block.


Birdie's adjustments consisted only of fixing bugs that occurred during battle.

• Hanging Chain (All strengths) - Fixed an issue where chains behaved abnormally after successive V-Shift screen effects at specific timing.

• Bull Capture (V-Trigger II) - Fixed an issue where Abigail could not be hit a 2nd time if the 1st hit landed under specific conditions.

• Skip to My Chain (CA) Fixed an issue where armor-breaking properties weren't applied after canceling from Bull Horn.


We've improved Blanka's Electric Thunder and Ground Shave Rolling while his V-Trigger I Jungle Dynamo is active, making them easier to utilize.

Using Electric Thunder while Jungle Dynamo is active can now be followed up with Amazon River Run on hit, and this allows Blanka to deal more damage without using the V-Timer.

Crouching hard punch's crush counter knockback distance has been reduced to make comboing into Ground Shave Rolling easier.

In addition, CA Dynamic Rolling from Ground Shave Rolling is now less likely to whiff.

• Crouching HP Reduced knockback distance on crush counter.

• [V-Trigger I] Electric Thunder Lowered combo-count start value.

• Ground Shave Rolling (VTrigger I)
1) Collision box extended upward on hit.
2) Hitbox now extended upward on hit.

• Dynamic Rolling (CA) Extended the hitbox upward when canceled into.


We've adjusted EX Spiral Arrow for V-Shift attack/defense by removing throw invincibility until the mid-air hitbox appears.

We additionally noted that Cammy's high mobility and projectile invincibility from the 1st frame were causing significant difficulties for certain characters. To remedy this, we've altered her projectile invincibility to start at 4F.

We've also altered EX Cannon Strike and both V-Trigger Cannon Strikes, powerful attacks from above, to now have increased whiff recovery time.

Although Cammy is speedy and a real threat, players should now be more cautious with her increased vulnerability to V-Shifts and opponents skilled at evading her attacks.

• EX Spiral Arrow
1) Removed throw invincibility from the 3rd to the 6th frames.
2) Changed projectile invincible timing from 1F to 4F.

• EX Cannon Strike Increased recovery time on whiff from 13F to 17F.

• EX Cannon Strike (Hooligan Combination Ver.)
Increased recovery time on whiff from 9F to 17F.
(Excluding the canceled version of Lift Combination)

• [V-Trigger I] Cannon Strike
Increased recovery time on whiff from 9F to 17F.
(Excluding the canceled version of V-Trigger I, "Cannon Spike.")

• [V-Trigger I] Cannon Strike
(Hooligan Combination Ver.)
Increased recovery time on whiff from 9F to 17F.
(Excluding the canceled version of Lift Combination)


We've adjusted moves affected when Cody's V-Trigger I Side Arm is active.

We noted that start-up for crouching light punch was slower than the normal version, and needed to be used separately from standing light punch in counterattacks and other situations. We've sped up its startup to match the normal version while Side Arm is active.

With Rapid Fire's improved recovery on hit when V-timer remains, Cody can continue to put pressure on the opponent.

• [V-Trigger I] Crouching LP
1) Shortened start-up from 5F to 4F.
2) Reduced entire move by 1F.

• Rapid Fire (V-Trigger I) Reduced recovery time on hit by 6F while V-Timer remains.


Gadoken has been modified to have a random chance of activating an enhanced version of the attack. The enhanced version has a longer range than the normal version. It can knock down opponents and create chances for follow-ups when it hits, and when the opponent guards, Dan has the advantage. Its effects and other aspects are quite different from the normal version, so use them both to your advantage.

This adjustment is also intended to suppress looped combos involving V-Skill II Saikyo-Style Otokoboe at the edge of the screen. We had believed that this combo would not cause any major problems due to it being difficult to start up, there being limited points in battle where it could be utilized, and finally due to the combo itself being hard to execute.

However, after Dan's release, we realized it was possible to execute the combo in more situations than we had originally anticipated. The combo made it impossible for the opponent player to control their character for a period of time and was stressful to deal with. In light of these issues, we made adjustments to prevent looping, and have made the solution consistent with Dan's history of random move enhancement.

V-Skill I, Saikyo-Style Burairuten no Kamae, has had its cancel timing from H. Danretsuken accelerated by 1F, allowing Saikyo-Style Burairuten no Kamae I to combo. Now Dan can follow up on his attacks and use V-Trigger cancel to transition into combos, giving his attacks more bang for their buck.

• Gadoken (Excluding the fully charged version) - There is now a random chance of activating an enhanced version of the attack.

• H. Danretsuken - Sped up Saikyo-Style Burairuten no Kamae cancel timing by 1F.

• [V-Trigger I] Haoh Gadoken
1) Decreased pushback on block.
2) Changed frame advantage on block from +2F to +3F.
3) Fixed an issue where certain inputs created 1F of invincibility after the blackout effect.


Dhalsim regularly uses his V-Gauge for defense, but we noticed that his V-Triggers were used rather infrequently when compared to other characters.

We've adjusted both Yoga Burner and Yoga Sansara to have improved performance and more regular opportunities for usage.

• Yoga Gale (All strengths) - Can now be canceled with Yoga Sansara (V-Trigger 2).

• (V-Trigger 1) Yoga Burner - Extended the hitbox forward on activation.

E. Honda

In a previous adjustment, it was possible for combos such as Sumo Headbutt > L. Hundred Hand Slap > EX Sumo Smash to be used at the edge of the screen, which significantly increased E. Honda's combo damage.

However, when facing characters with few methods for avoiding L. Sumo Headbutt, continually repeating this move at the edge of the screen was low-risk and high-reward for E. Honda.

This made it too simple for E. Honda to entirely overpower those characters who lacked ways of countering L. Sumo Headbutt and caused significant match-up issues between characters.

To remedy this, we've adjusted the combo count between Sumo Headbutt and normal L. Hundred Hand Slap, and we've additionally lowered the hit count of L. Hundred Hand Slap.

• Normal L. Hundred Hand Slap - Increased the combo count limit of the 1st attack.

• V-Skill 2 L. Hundred Hand Slap
1. Increased the combo count limit of the 1st attack.
2. Decreased combo count gain of the 1st attack.

• Sumo Headbutt (L/M/H) - Increased combo-count start value.


V-Skill II Psycho Mine had lower V-Gauge gain in comparison to V-Skill I Psycho Trombe, so its V-Gauge gain has been increased accordingly.

• Psycho Mine (V-Skill II) Increased V-Gauge gain from 60 to 100.


F.A.N.G. can now use L. Sotoja for combos/counterattacks, as its hitbox has been extended. Ryobenda, ideal for long-distance attacks, has been adjusted to make it easier to use against opponents with projectiles.

Now that the Ryobenda cancels out high-flying projectiles that it couldn't reach before, it's become easier to shield F.A.N.G. from opponents with projectiles, resulting in more strategies for fighting from a distance.

• [Normal/V-Trigger I] L. Sotoja Extended the 1st attack's hitbox sideways.

• [Normal] Ryobenda (All strengths) [V-Trigger II] Ryobenda (M./H./EX) Extended the box for cancelation of projectiles upwards. (The light version of V-Trigger II Ryobenda had a larger box for projectile cancelation than the other strengths, so it has not been changed.)


In order to make G's max level stand out when he reaches Presidentiality Level 3, we've made adjustments so that when he activates a special move with a light or medium button at level 3, he'll use a level 2 special move.

The existing level 3 special moves can only be activated by using the heavy button, which will take some getting used to, but you'll be able to out a greater variety of moves than ever before.

Adjustments to EX G Spin Kick and G Burst are also related to their performance at level 3.

Fixed an issue where after the canceling Lv. 3 G Smash Under on hit, it became difficult to land all EX G Spin Kick hits.

Regarding the adjustments to Lv.3/EX/V-Trigger versions of G-Burst, it was difficult to distinguish between level 2 and level 3 when Presidentiality was at level 3. The effect has been changed so that it can be distinguished when the first attack of level 2 is guarded.

• Presidentiality Lv.3 - Changed various special moves to be equivalent to level 2 when activated on light or medium (excluding G Impact).

• Lv.1/Lv.2 G Smash Under - Increased cancel windows for G Protection, G Charge, and Message to the People.

• Lv.3/EX/V-Trigger 1 G Burst - Changed effect immediately after activation.

• EX G Spin Kick - Increased knockback time on a mid-air hit.

(V-Trigger 2) G Explosion - V-Trigger cost decreased from 1,500F to 1,000F.


Gill doesn't have any moves that can be used as crush counters, but he does have his anti-Type system. We've now further utilized Gill's unique system by changing his Critical Gauge to increase when he inflicts Anti-Type damage.

EX special moves are typically required to inflict fire or ice attribute, but if you can inflict Anti-Type damage afterwards, it will charge some of Gill's Critical Gauge.

We've increased the Critical Gauge charge availability during battle to allow more opportunity to utilize Gill's unique Anti-Type system.

Additional, activating V-Trigger generates a flurry of Anti-Type attacks, resulting in devastating assaults.

We've adjusted EX Moonsault Knee Drop so that it becomes invincibility to mid-air attacks in the middle of the move, and so that the command inputs no longer reverse if Gill changes positioning during the attack.

Fixed an issue where following up with Pyro Cyber Lariat and Cryo Cyber Lariat unintentionally generated the attack's opposite attributes.

• Anti-Type (Retribution) - Anti-Type damage now charges Critical Gauge.

• EX Moonsault Knee Drop
1. Now grants invincibility to mid-air attacks from frames 5 to 12.
2. Adjusted so that character positioning will not cause command inputs to reverse upon hitting the opponent.


Ibuki's two adjustments pertain to V-Skill II Makibishi, which was rarely used, and Rokushaku Horokudama, which had been adjusted previously.

For Rokushaku Horokudama, the frame advantage of the move's throwing portion has been changed so that it can be used in a series of attacks that are difficult to avoid, such as a series of links, back dashes, and V-Shifts.

• Makibishi (V-Skill II) Increased V-Gauge gain from 40 to 60.

• [V-Trigger I/Special Move] Rokushaku Horokudama Changed frame advantage on block of the move's throwing portion from +2F to +3F.


Crouching medium punch is used while in close or mid-range to control opponents, but its slightly increased recovery on whiff proved problematic. It was particularly vulnerable to V-Shifts, especially in comparison to other characters' medium attacks. We've thus adjusted its whiff recovery to match its recovery time on hit and block.

The other adjustment consists of Kage's Critical Gauge gain increase for special moves used in neutral. Since Kage frequently incorporates EX special moves into combos (such as EX Kurekijin), we've upped the benefits of utilizing special moves to include increasing the Critical Gauge, which enables Kage to use his EX special moves more frequently.

• Crouching MP - Changed so that there is no increased recovery time on whiff.

• Hadoken - Increased Critical Gauge gain on activation from 5 to 10.

• Ryusokyaku - Increased Critical Gauge gain on hit from 30 to 40.


In addition to making adjustments to moves greatly affected by selecting Ken's V-Skill II Ryusenkyaku, we've also improved his techniques that had gone largely unchanged.

When using Ryusenkyaku, standing hard kick serves as a powerful tool for mid-range control, but we noted that crush counters made combos difficult.

We've resolved this by adjusting standing hard kick's knockback so that combos can simply be continued with a forward dash (and without having to use V-Skill I Quick Step).

We also greatly extended H. Shoryuken's hitbox sideways.

In an effort to create more opportunities for combos and counterattacks, we've reduced crouching medium kick's hitback.

• Standing HK
1) Reduced knockback distance on crush counter.
2) Increased knockback time on crush counter.

• Crouching MP Reduced hitback.

• Crouching HP
1) Changed frame advantage on hit from -4F to +2F.
2) Increased knockback time on mid-air opponents hit by a crush counter.
3) Sped up cancel timing for Quick Step by 2F.
4) Changed cancel timing for Ryusenkyaku to immediately after hit.

• Crouching MK Reduced hitback.

• [Normal] L. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku The 2nd attack's damage has been increased from 30 to 50 when the 1st attack doesn't hit.

• [Normal/V-Trigger I] H. Shoryuken Extended the hitbox forward.


Kolin can now trigger a dash similar to V-Trigger II Absolute Zero by stepping forward immediately after activating V-Trigger I Diamond Dust. Not only does it make it easier to attack an opponent on knockdown, this powerful V-Trigger can continue the offensive even when guarded against.

We've additionally fixed an issue where jumping became impossible immediately after the exclusive dash activated by Absolute Zero when its V-Timer ended.

• [V-Trigger I/Special Move] - Diamond Dust Stepping forward immediately after activation will now trigger a special dash.

• [V-Trigger II] Absolute Zero - Fixed an issue where if the V-timer ended at the start of an exclusive dash, it became impossible to jump after a certain amount of time had passed.


Laura's adjustments mainly serve to create more opportunities to use her V-Skill II Volty Sprink in combos. We've made it easier to land Volty Sprink from mid-screen combos such as normal move > EX Thunder Clap to inflict more damage. Also, moves at the edge of the screen, such as EX Thunder Clap or Dual Crash, can now lead to combos like Volty Sprink > Thunder Spike > H Bolt Charge. We've increased Volty Sprink's value as a V-Skill that can deal massive damage with a single chance, and differentiated it from the powerful combo game of V-Skill I Volty Line.

The adjustments to variations of Bolt Charge take the aerial combos that incorporate Volty Sprink and Thunder Spike into account. We've adjusted the combo count so that H. Bolt Charge can be easily incorporated into combos at the edge of the screen, and so that L./EX Bolt Charge can be used in the same combos as before (without requiring as much follow-up).

• [Normal/V-Trigger I] L. Bolt - Charge Increased the combo count limit.

• [Normal/V-Trigger I] H. Bolt - Charge Increased the combo count limit.

• [Normal/V-Trigger I] EX Bolt - Charge Increased combo count gain.

• [Normal/V-Trigger II] Volty Sprink
1) Extended the hitbox forward.
2) Increased knockback height on mid-air hit.
3) Decreased combo count gain.

•[Normal/V-Trigger I] Thunder Spike
1) Lowered combo count limit.
2) Increased combo count gain.


Lucia's V-Skill II Arrest Heel, Nubbing Needle, and her anti-air, Hurricane Spinner, have all been adjusted to make them easier to use. We've additionally adjusted the range and knockback of various special moves after hit, making it easier to continue Lucia's offensive, which had previously been interrupted regularly.

Crouching hard punch would move forward when canceled with a normal throw immediately after activation, so we've made adjustments to prevent the positional change.

• Crouching HP - Character's central axis now remains stationary on the 1st frame.

• [Normal] Hurricane Spinner (L./M./H.)
1) Sped up start-up from the rear attack by 3F.
2) Changed active rear attack frames from 2F to 5F.

• [Normal] H. Hurricane Spinner
1) Shortened start-up from 13F to 12F when canceling from standing LP.
2) Increased Lucia's falling speed.

• [Normal] Tornado Spinner
1) Reduced the 2nd hit's knockback distance.
2) Increased the 2nd hit's knockback height.

• [Normal] EX Tornado Spinner - Increased the final attack's knockback time on hit.

• [V-Trigger I] Tornado Spinner - Increased the final attack's knockback time on hit.

• [V-Trigger I] EX Tornado Spinner - Increased the final attack's knockback time on hit.

• [V-Trigger I] Nubbing Needle - Decreased pushback on block.

• [Normal/V-Trigger I] EX Nubbing Needle - Decreased pushback on block.


Menat's adjustments only contain new hurtbox sizes for moves that use her crystal ball.

We've extended the hurtboxes of these moves due to their impressive ability to control opponents (as the crystal ball itself has no hurtboxes), and the high returns they grant when combined with V-Trigger.

• Standing LP (Crystal ball) Extended the hurtbox during the move.

• Standing MP (Crystal ball) Extended the hurtbox during the move.

• Crouching LP (Crystal ball) Extended the hurtbox during the move.


We've adjusted Nash's close-quarters attack, standing light kick, to yield more of an advantage on hit, and we have further improved Nash's impressive mid to long-distance combat.

Standing light kick was previously adjusted to have faster start-up and to be easier to land, but we noticed that it didn't grant the same rewards as it did for other characters. We corrected this by increasing frame advantage after hit and adjusting Rapid Kick.

We've improved Nash's mid to long-distance game by improving his crouching medium kick and Jumping Sobat.

Jumping Sobat in particular has been altered to make it more viable as a feint and improve Nash's long-distance game.

• Standing LK
1) Changed frame advantage on hit from +2F to +3F.
2) Special cancelable timing has been delayed by 1F.

• Crouching MK
1) Changed active attack frames from 2F to 3F.
2) Reduced recovery time from 17F to 16F.
3) Changed frame advantage on hit from ±0F to +4F.
4) Cancel timings have been increased by 3F.

• Jumping Sobat
1) Increased damage from 60 to 70.
2) Shortened start-up from 13F to 11F.
3) Entire move shortened from 32F to 30F.
4) Extended the hitbox forward.
5) Reduced the foot hurtbox size backward.
6) Increased distance traveled forward from the start of the move to the end of active frames.
7) Can now be canceled with V-Trigger I and V-Trigger II (including exclusive special moves) on hit or block.

• Rapid Kick
1) Now knocks the opponent down instead of causing grounded hit stun.
2) Can now be canceled with V-Skill on hit.
3) Increased recovery time from 11F to 15F.
4) Entire move lengthened from 19F to 23F.
5) Changed frame advantage on block from -2F to -6F.

• Sonic Boom Lowered combo count gain.

• H. Tragedy Assault
1) Increased damage from 140 to 160.
2) Increased stun damage from 150 to 200.
3) Increased advantage on hit by 13F.

• Bullet Clear (V-Skill I)
Extended the hitbox forward for the canceled versions of target combos.

• [V-Trigger II] Stealth Dash (Stop)
Even if the directional button is pressing away from the opponent immediately upon activation, Stealth Dash can now still be followed up.


Clouded Mirror now combos from EX Mask of Tlalli so that its strength can be fully utilized upon Torrent of Power's activation. L. Raging Light had quick start-up but short reach, making it difficult to punish opponents even in situations where Necalli had 4 frames of advantage. These adjustments were made to remedy this weakness.

• [V-Trigger I] EX Mask of Tlalli - Can now be canceled with Clouded Mirror on hit.

• [Normal] L. Raging Light - Extended the 2nd active frame's hitbox forward.

• [V-Trigger I/V-Trigger II] L. Raging Light
1) Extended 2nd active frame's hitbox forward.
2) Extended the hitbox forward for the 2nd attack.

R. Mika

We've adjusted Mika's Shooting Star Combo, as well as her V-Trigger 2 Fightin' Dirty and Steel Chair to make them easier to use, as they were not used regularly.

There are no other major changes, so the overall feel remains the same; the changes make it much easier to incorporate the attacks into your battle arsenal.

Steel Chair and Fightin' Dirty have been altered so that the screen will darken (as if it's the first time they been performed) when the special move versions are canceled into from a normal attack.

We've also significantly reduced the time it takes to call Nadeshiko, which gives Mika more combo and link options.

Variations of Shooting Peach have also had their combo counts adjusted for better combo usage, which increases their explosive power when they catch an opponent.

• Jumping MP
1. Reduced the knockback distance on mid-air hit.
2. Increased the knockback on mid-air hit.

• Shooting Star Combo - Extended the hitbox sideways.

• Shooting Peach - Increased the combo count limit.

• Shooting Peach (M/H) - Lowered combo-count start value.

(V-Trigger 2) Steel Chair/Fightin' Dirty - The timing of Nadeshiko's disappearance has been accelerated, and the time needed until the special move version becomes available has been reduced.

(Special move) Steel Chair/Fightin' Dirty - Screen now darkens when canceled into from a unique or normal attack.

(V-Trigger 1) Nadeshiko (above/front/behind) (V-Trigger 2/Special move) Steel Chair/Fightin' Dirty - The movement calling Nadeshiko now has a counterable box that lasts until the end of the movement. (Fixed an issue where abnormal timing caused the counterable box to disappear.)


Rashid's only adjustment fixes EX Eagle Spike, which passed through opponents in certain situations.

• [Normal/V-Trigger II] EX Eagle Spike (Normal/Dash ver.) - Slowed down the timing at which the collision box goes inactive


Fixed bugs that occurred during Rose's battles.

• Soul Bind (all strengths) fix a bug that prevented activation during jump animation.

• EX M. Soul Spark (airborne) fixed a problem where fall speed differed between light and hard.

• Soul Fortune (V-Skill 1) fixed an issue where a second white card would be drawn while holding the button on a white card.


Tiger Knee Crush had lower V-Gauge gain after using V-Skill II Hanuman Charge when compared to Tiger Uppercut after using V-Skill I Angry Charge. In response, we've increased Tiger Knee Crush's V-Gauge gain accordingly.

Tiger Knee Crush in its enhanced state makes it easier to force an opponent to guard and continue your assault, making Tiger Knee Crush and its new adjustments more appealing than simply focusing on Angry Charge's V-Gauge gain.

• [V-Skill II] Tiger Knee Crush Increased V-Gauge gain from 40 to 80.


Seth's main adjustments consist of improvements to infrequently used V-Skills and V-Triggers.V-Skill I Tanden Engine has undergone a significant performance change. Although the distance it can pull the opponent has been reduced, Seth's V-Gauge can now be increased without having to rely on attacks derived from Tanden Install. Additionally, crouching light punch can now combo when it hits at close range. We've alleviated a problem where depending on the opponent's moves, it was difficult to aim Install Art and took time before Tanden Engine could be used again, resulting in the V-Gauge increasing particularly slowly.

V-Trigger II Tanden Maneuver has been altered to automatically switch to Tanden Explode and disappear when it fails to hit an opponent. Seth's V-Trigger has been vulnerable to attacks due to V-Shift, but with this adjustment, we've made it so you can create new linked attacks without being closed in on by an opponent.

We noticed that Annihilate Sword's smaller hitboxes apparently made it easy to whiff in combos. To remedy this, we've extended Annihilate Sword's hitboxes when it's canceled into from a jumping medium punch performed from EX Cruel Disaster.

• Annihilate Sword (L./M./H.)
1) Extended the hitbox upward when canceled into from jumping medium punch executed from EX Cruel Disaster.

• Tanden Engine (V-Skill I)
1) Increased V-Gauge gain from 0 to 40.
2) Changed frame advantage on hit from +2F to +3F.
3) Reduced the distance the opponent is pulled on hit.

• Tanden Install (V-Skill I)
1) Extended the hitbox forward.
2) Increased distance traveled forward while attacking.
3) Changed active attack frames from 5F to 9F.

• Mad Spiral (V-Skill II)
Increased V-Gauge gain from 100 to 120.

• Tanden Maneuver (V-Trigger II)
1) Changed to automatically shift to Tanden Explode upon disappearing.
(Performance when automatically shifting to Tanden Explode differs from when manually commanded.)
2) Fixed an issue where Tanden Maneuver disappeared in certain situations.


Sakura's adjustments pertain only to her V-Skill I Haru Kaze.

Due to improved timing for successive attacks, Sakura Otoshi now has the potential to be incorporated into more combos, and Oukakyaku's strength as a surprise attack in neutral has improved.

• Haru Kaze (V-Skill I)
Sped up the timing for triggering successive attacks by 5F. (Except for when canceling V-Trigger II Shunpukyaku)


We've adjusted the linked mid-air hitbox timing for L. Dangerous Headbutt to start at the 4th frame, making it unavoidable when disadvantageous throws are repeated.

Crouching medium kick and EX Chariot Tackle were low risk on guard and whiff, and since these moves tend to be used at mid to long range, we've increased the risks if their hits don't land.

• Crouching MK
1) Increased recovery time on whiff from 17F to 21F.
2) Extended the hurtbox during recovery.

• [Normal/V-Skill I] L. Dangerous Headbutt Changed mid-air hitbox timing from 3F to 4F.

• [Normal/V-Skill I] EX Chariot Tackle Decreased pushback on 2nd block.


Since a previous adjustment made it more difficult to follow up on a Flash Arch - Rossa midair hit, we've altered the opponent's knockback time to make follow-ups easier.

In addition, we've fixed an issue where certain inputs would cause the normal version of Flying Barcelona to activate despite kick buttons being pressed simultaneously.

• EX Flying Barcelona Fixed an issue where certain inputs would cause the normal version to appear despite kick buttons being pressed simultaneously.

• [V-Trigger II] Flash Arch - Rossa Increased knockback time on the 1st and 2nd mid-air hit.


Removed throw invincibility from Zangief's EX Screw Pile Driver due to Zangief already having Iron Muscle, which creates armor right after activation when attacking/defending with moves like V-Shift at close range.

V-Shift Break "Colossal Boot" has been adjusted to make its effects after blocking similar to those of VReversal's.

• [Normal/V-Trigger II] EX Screw Pile Driver Removed throw invincibility from 1st to 6th frames.

• Colossal Boot (V-Shift Break) Adjusted to have the same pushback as Muscle Explosion (V-Reversal).

Chun-Li, Ed, Guile, Juri, Karin, M. Bison, Poison, Ryu and Zeku did not receive any balance updates in this patch.

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